Daily use common Latin Sentences and Phrases

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To learn Latin language, Phrases and Sentences are the important sections. Here you can easily learn daily use common Latin sentences with the help of English pronunciation. Here is the list of English sentences to Latin translation with transliterations. It also helps beginners to learn Latin language in an easy way. In this section, we are separated into three levels of sentences to learn easily (Easy sentences, Hard sentences, and Difficult sentences). Sentence is a group of words, you may also learn Vocabulary words to learn Latin language quickly and also play some Latin word games so you get not bored. Basic-level sentences are useful in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all sentences in English and Latin.

Daily use common Latin Sentences and Phrases

Latin sentences and phrases

The below table gives the daily use common Sentences and Phrases in Latin language with their pronunciation in English.

Easy sentences

I hate youOdi te
I love youte amo
I’m in loveTáim i ngrá
I’m sorryPaenitet
I’m so sorryIta paenitet me
I’m yoursTuus sum
Thanks againiterum gratias
How are youQuid agis
I am finebene sum
Take careCurae
I miss youte desidero
Youre niceTu nimium grata
That’s terribleQuod suus tremenda
Thats too badQuo malus est
Thats too muchQuod suus nimis
See youTe videre
Thank youGratias tibi
Thank you sirTibi gratias ago tibi domine
Are you freeLiber es
No problemNon forsit
Get well soonGet tam cito
Very goodipsum bonum
Well doneBene factum
What’s upQuid novi
I cant hear youNon possum te audiunt
I cant stopEgo potest non prohibere
I knowScio
Good byeVale
Good ideaCogitatio bona
Good luckBenediximus
You are latetu nuper
Who is next?qui proximus est?
Who is she?quae est illa?
Who is that man?quis est ille homo?
Who built it?quis aedificavit eam?
They hurtlaedunt
She got angryilla got iratus
She is a teacheripsa est magister
She is aggressiveest infestantibus
She is attractiveest amabilius
She is beautifulEa pulchra est
She is cryingest clamor
She is happyest beatus
No way!nullo modo!
No worriesnulla sollicitudine
No, thank younon gratias tibi aget
Im so happyMagne laetus sum
Im hungryesurio
Im able to runi potest currere
I agreei conveniunt
I can swimi potest natare
I cant comenon possum venire
He got angryiratus est
He was aloneipse est solus
He was bravefortis erat
He likes to swimvult natare
Dont be angryne irascaris
Dont be sadnolite contristari
Dont crynolite flere
Come invenient in
Come onveni
Can you come?potestis venire?
Can I help?i potest auxilium?
Can I eat this?hoc possum manducare?
Can I help you?te adiuvare possum?
Can I see?videre possum?
Are you going?uadis?
Are you hungry?esurisne?
Are you mad?Esne irata?
Are you serious?es adverisne?
Are you sleeping?dormis?
Can you do this?hoc facere potes?
Can you help me?Potesne me iuvare?
Can you tell me?potesne mihi dicere?
Come on tomorrowvenit cras
Come quicklyveni cito
Could I help you?te adiuvare possum?
Could you tell me?posse dicitis ad me?
Do not disturb!non perturbare!
Do you hear me?tu exaudies me?
Do you smoke?tu fumigant?
Have you eaten?comedis?
Have you finished?perfecisti?
He can run fastpotest celeriter currere
He began to runcurrere coepit
He did not speaknon loqui
His eyes are blueoculi caerulei
His smile was goodin risu esset bona
How is your life?quid est enim vita tua?
How is your family?quomodo tua est?
I am a studentdiscipulus sum
I am going to studyego sum iens studere
I am not a teacherego non sum doctorem
I am sorrydoleo
I believe youTibi credo
I can do this jobego potest hoc facere officium
I can run fasteri potest currere velocius
I can’t believe itnon possum credere
It happensaccidit
It is newsit novum
It is a long storyLongum est
It looks like an birdspectat sicut avis
It really takes timehoc vere sumit tempus
It was really cheapfuit vere cheap
It was so noisyfactum est ita aes
It was very difficulterat difficillimum
It wasnt expensivenon erat pretiosa
It wasnt necessarynon erat necessarium
Let me checkinveni me
Let me sayDicam
Let me seevideam
May I come in?potest venire in i?
May I help you?te adiuvare possum?
May I join you?ut ego te iungere?
May I speak?ut loquar?
May I eat this?ut ego hoc manducare?
My father is tallpater alta
My sister has a jobsoror habet officium
My sister is famousSoror mea est celebre
My wife is a doctoruxor mea est medicus
No, Ill eat laternon ego te manducare postea
Please come inveni igitur in
Please do that againplacet facere iterum
Please give meda mihi, quaeso
She admired himmirabatur eum
She avoids mevitat me
She came lastvenit tandem
She goes to schoolvenit ad scholam
That house is bigilla domus magna est
That is a good ideaquod utilem
That is my bookhoc est liber
That is my sonhoc est filium meum
The dog is deadcanis mortuus est
The river is wideflumen latum
There is no doubtnon est dubium
They are playingludunt
They are prettysunt pulchellus
They got marriedipsi duxerunt uxorem
They have few bookspaucos libros habent
They stopped talkingcessaverunt loqui
This is my friendiste est amicus meus
This bird cant flyHaec avis potest volare
This decision is finalhoc consilium est finalis
This is my bookHic est liber meus
This is my brotherhic, frater meus
This is my daughterhaec est filia mea
This is not a jokehoc non est iocus
This is surprisinghoc mirum est
This river is beautifulHoc flumen pulchrum est
This story is trueHaec fabula vera
We are happybeati simus
Will it rain today?pluet hodie?
Will you go on a trip?ibis in iter?
Will she come?veniet?
Would you kill me?num occidere me velis?
Would you love me?amas me?
Would you come here?huc venisti?
You are a teachertu es magister
You are very beautifulpulcherrima es
You are very bravetu fortissimi
You broke the rulestu fregisti praecepta
You love meamas me
you love me or notamas me aut non
You make me happyme beatum te
You may golicet ibis
You should sleepdebes dormire
You must study hardoportet studere difficile
Whose idea is this?cuius idea est?
Thanks for your helpgratias pro auxilio
Thank you for cominggratias ago tibi, quia veniens
How about youEt tu
How is your familyQuid est tua
How to SayQuam dicere
Good morningBonum mane
Good afternoonBona dies
Good eveningBonum vesperam
Good nightbonum nocte
Happy birthdayFelix natalis
Happy ChristmasFelix dies nativitatis
Happy new yearNovus annus
Good to see youBonum te videre
I dont like itIllud mihi non placet
I have no ideaNon scio
I know everythingScio omnia
I know somethingAliquid novi
Thank you so muchGratias tibi tam
Thanks a millionGratias a million
See you laterTe visurum
See you next weekVidere deinde septimana
See you next yearVidere deinde anno,
See you soonVide te mox
See you tomorrowEcce vos
Sweet dreamsDulce somnii
I’m crazy about youFuriosa sum vobis
Im crazy with youFuriosa sum apud vos
Nice to meet youVos noscere
Its very cheapIs est valde vilis
Just a momentSicut momentum
Not necessarilyNon necessario
That’s a good dealQuod suus bonus paciscor
Youre beautifulPulchra es
Youre very niceQuae nimium grata
Youre very smartQuae nimium captiosus
I really appreciate itEgo vere appreciate ea
I really miss youEgo realiter te requiret

Hard sentences

What is your namequod nomen tibi est
Which is correct?quod verum est?
Will you please help me?Placet auxilium mihi?
Will you stay at home?manebis domi?
Do you need anything?et nullius egeo: et vos?
Do you need this book?hoc opus tibi est?
Are you feeling better?melior es Sententia?
Are you writing a letter?Litterasne scribitis?
Come and see me nowveni et vide me
Come with your familyvenire tua
Im very busy this weeksum valde occupatus hoc septimana
There is a lot of moneymultam pecuniam
They are good peoplesunt boni homines
We need some moneyopus pecuniam
What is your destination?quid itis?
What are you doing today?quid agis hodie?
What are you reading?huius tu neque auctoritatem legis?
What can I do for you?quid faciam vobis?
What is the problem?Quid est problema?
What is the story?quae est fabula?
What is your problem?quid est tuum problema?
What was that noise?quis ille strepitus?
When can we eat?quando manducabimus?
When do you study?Cum ergo discit?
When was it finished?quando perfecit?
How about your familyQuid de cognatione tua,
Do you understand?intellegisne?
Do you love me?Amasne Me?
Dont talk about worknon loqui opus
How can I help you?quomodo te adiuvare possum?
How deep is the lake?quam altum est lacus?
Im not disturbing youIm non conturbant te
Im proud of my sonIm superbus filii mei
Im sorry to disturb youego paenitet ad turbare te
Is something wrong?est aliquid iniuriam?
May I open the door?ut i aperire ostium?
Thanks for everythingTibi gratias ago pro omnibus
This is very difficultHoc est difficillimum
This is very importantHoc magni momenti est valde
Where are you fromUnde venistis
Do you have any ideaHabes rationem
I love you so muchamo te tam multo
I love you very muchTe amo diversi generis multa nimis
I’m in love with youEgo sum in amore cum vobis
I missed you so muchi tam vos desiderabat
Let me think about itCogitare de illo
Thank you very muchGratias tibi valde
I cant stop thinkingNon desineres
Will you stop talking?cessas loqui?
Would you like to go?vis ire?
Would you teach me?me vis docere?
Where is your room?Ubi est locus tuus?
Where should we go?quo eamus?
Where is your house?ubi est domum tuam?
Please close the doorQuaeso claude ostium
She agreed to my ideaquae constat ad ideam meam
That boy is intelligentut puer sit intelligentes
It was a very big roomerat magnus locus
He can swim very fastpotest natare celerrimus
He accepted my ideaideam meam suscepit
They loved each otheramaverunt se
When will you reach?quando pervenies?
Where are you from?unde venistis?
Where are you going?Ubi is?
We love each otherdiligamus invicem
We obeyed the rulesobedivimus praecepta
We started to walknos coepi ambulare
We will never agreenumquam assentior
We can make changemutare possumus facere
We cook everydaynos coquere quotidie
We enjoyed itnos fruendum est
What about you?quid de te?
What are you doing?quid agis?
What did you say?quid dixisti?
What do you need?quod requires?
What do you think?quid tibi videtur?
What do you want?Quid vis?
What happened?quid accidit?
What is that?quid est?
When was she born?quando nata est?
When will we arrive?quando perveniemus?
Where are you?ubi es?
Where does it hurt?ubi dolet?
Where is my book?Ubi est liber meus?
Where is the river?ubi flumen?
Who broke this?quis hoc fregit?
Why are you crying?cur lacrimas?
I cant see anythingnon possum videre aliquid
I disagree with youi dissentio cum
I like it very muchi multa similia
I need more timei maius tempus
I want to sleepVolo dormire
Im able to swimIm potest natare
Im not a doctornon sum medicus
Im taller than youIm maior quam
Im very sadSum nimis
Is he a teacher?est magister?
Is she married?nupta est?
Is this book yours?Estne hic liber tuus?
Lets ask the teacherobsecro doctorem
Lets go out and eatabeamus et comedamus
Lets go to a movieeamus ad movie

Difficult sentences

His opinion was not acceptedsententiam non accepit
His proposals were adopted at the meetingrogationes eius in contione acceptae
How do you come to school?tu venis ad scholam quomodo?
If I had money, I could buy itsi pecuniam haberem, emere possem
If you want a pencil, Ill lend you onesi vis plumbum, dabo tibi unum
If he comes, ask him to waitsi venerit, roga illum expectare
If it rains, we will get wetsi pluerit, infectum dabimus
If I studied, I would pass the examsi studui, ipsum transiret
My hair has grown too longcomae nimium diu creverunt
My mother is always at homemater mea semper domi
There are many fish in this lakeIn hoc lacu multi pisces sunt
There are many problems to solvemultae difficultates solvere
There are some books on the desksunt aliqui libri in mensa
There is nothing wrong with himnihil mali ei
There was a sudden change in the weatherfacta est subito mutatio in tempestate
There was nobody in the gardennemo erat in horto
There was nobody therenullus ibi fuit
There were five murders this monthfuerunt quinque homicidia huius mensis
They admire each othermirantur invicem
They agreed to work togetherut constat ad cooperantur
They are both good teacherssunt et magistri
We want something newvolumus aliquid novi
We should be very carefuldiligentius esse debemus
When can I see you next time?quando i potest videre te iterum?
When did you finish the work?quando opus consummare fecisti?
When will you harvest your wheat?quando vindemiaveris triticum tuum?
Where do you want to go?Quo ire vis?
Where is the pretty girl?Ubi est puella pulchra?
Which food do you like?quo cibo tibi placet?
Which is more important?quod maius est?
Which one is more expensive?quo carior est?
Which way is the nearest?qua proxima?
Which is your favorite team?quae est vestri ventus equos?
Which languages do you speak?quibus linguis loqueris?
Which team will win the game?quae dolor in ludo feret?
Why are you drying your hair?cur comas siccas?
Why are you late?quid sero es?
Why did you get so angry?quare iratus es?
Why did you quit?quare quietus es?
Why dont you come in?cur non intrasti?

Why were you late this morning?cur nuper hoc mane?
Why are you so tired today?cur tam fessus es hodie?
Would you like to dance with me?saltare cum me vis?
Would you come tomorrow?cras vis venire?
You are always complainingtu semper quereris
Thanks for your explanationtibi gratias ago pro explicandum
Thanks for the complimentgratias honoris gratia
Thanks for the informationtibi gratias ago pro delatione
Thanks for your understandingtibi gratias ago pro prudentia
Thank you for supporting megratias ago tibi, quia supporting me
I really miss you so muchNon tantum realiter te requiret
Happy valentine’s dayBeatus Valentino Dies
Whose decision was final?cuius decretum finale fuit?
Whose life is in danger?cuius in periculo vita est?
You are a good teacherbonus es magister
You can read this bookpotes legere hunc librum
You dont understand menon intelligis me
You have to study hardvos have ut studere difficile
Where do you have pain?ubi habes dolorem?
They are both in the roomsunt et in locus
That house is very smallilla domus valde parva
Please give me your handda manum tuam
Please go to the schoolquaeso ad ludum
Please sit here and waitsede hic et opperiri
Please speak more slowlyobsecro tardius loqui
My father is in his roompater meus est in cubiculum suum
May I ask you something?ut aliquid petere?
May I ask you a question?potest petere te quaestionem?
Is the job still available?est officium adhuc praesto?
I arrived there too earlyveni illuc immaturum
Do you have a family?habes familiam?
Do you have any problem?habes problema?
Do you have any idea?habesne ideam?
Did you finish the job?tu officium consummare?
Did you like the movie?ut movie fecisti?
Are we ready to go now?parati sumus ire nunc?
Would you like to come?vos would amo ut adveho?
I dont speak very wellNon fueris locutus sum nimis
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English to Tamil - here you learn top sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Tamil meanings with transliteration.

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