Don't sentences in Latin

‘Don’t’ sentences in Latin with English pronunciation. Here you learn English to Latin translation of ‘Don’t’ sentences and also play quiz in Latin sentences contains ‘Don’t’ also play A-Z dictionary quiz. Here you can easily learn daily use common Latin sentences with the help of pronunciation in English. It helps beginners to learn Latin language in an easy way. To learn Latin language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life.

don't sentences in Latin

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'Don't' sentences in Latin and English

The list of ‘Don’t’ sentences in Latin language and their pronunciation in English. Here you learn the list of English sentence to Latin sentence translations.

Don’t mention itnon commemorare
Don’t worry about thatnolite solliciti esse
Don’t ask me for moneynon a me pecuniam
Don’t be absurdnoli esse absurdum
Don’t be angryne irascaris
Don’t be disappointedne confundar
Don’t be late for the trainnoli esse nuper ad agmen
Don’t be late for worknoli esse nuper ad opus
Don’t be sadnolite contristari
Don’t crynolite flere
Don’t believe what she saysnon creditis quod dicit
Don’t drink and drivenolite bibere et coegi
Don’t give up!non cedere!
Don’t go back to sleep!noli redire ad somnum!
Don’t hesitate to ask menon dubitant a me

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Don’t hesitate to tell menon dubitant indicare mihi
Don’t lie to menon mentiri me
Don’t listen to hernolite audire eam
Don’t look downnoli despicere
Don’t play in the streetnon ludere in platea
Don’t share this with anyonene participes cum aliquo
Don’t standnon stabit
Don’t tell menon loquaris mihi
Don’t take itnon sumam eam
Don’t touch itnolite tangere
Don’t worry about itnolite ergo solliciti esse
Don’t talk like thatnolite loqui sicut quod
Don’t talk in the classroomnon loqui de Curabitur aliquet ultricies
Don’t talk about worknon loqui opus
Don’t climb on this!non ascendes in hoc!
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Daily use Latin Sentences

English to Latin - here you learn top sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Latin meanings with transliteration.

Good morningBonum mane
What is your namequod nomen tibi est
What is your problem?quid est tuum problema?
I hate youOdi te
I love youte amo
Can I help you?te adiuvare possum?
I am sorrydoleo
I want to sleepVolo dormire
This is very importantHoc magni momenti est valde
Are you hungry?esurisne?
How is your life?quid est enim vita tua?
I am going to studyego sum iens studere

Top 1000 Latin words

English to Latin - here you learn top 1000 words, that is separated into sections to learn easily (Simple words, Easy words, Medium words, Hard Words, Advanced Words). These words are very important in daily life conversations, basic level words are very helpful for beginners. All words have Latin meanings with transliteration.

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