Would sentences in Latin

‘Would’ sentences in Latin with English pronunciation. Here you learn English to Latin translation of ‘Would’ sentences and also play quiz in Latin sentences contains ‘Would’ also play A-Z dictionary quiz. Here you can easily learn daily use common Latin sentences with the help of pronunciation in English. It helps beginners to learn Latin language in an easy way. To learn Latin language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life.

would sentences in Latin

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'Would' sentences in Latin and English

The list of ‘Would’ sentences in Latin language and their pronunciation in English. Here you learn the list of English sentence to Latin sentence translations.

Would you do me a favor?mihi beneficium vis?
Would you do something for me?quid mihi vis facere?
Would you join me for a walk?vis deambulatio mihi copulare?
Would you like ice?vis glaciei?
Would you like some more cake?vis aliqua plus placenta?
Would you like to come?vos would amo ut adveho?
Would you like to dance with me?saltare cum me vis?
Would you like to go?vis ire?
Would you like to wait?vis expectare?
Would you play with me?vis ludere mecum?
Would you please try again later?vis iterum conare postea?
Would you say it once more?dicturus es id denuo?
Would you teach me?me vis docere?
Would you like to read his speech?vis eius orationem legere?
Would it do any good?quid boni faceret?

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Would he have married viji?vellet uxorem viji?
Would you like to play a game?vis ludere per ludum?
Would you kill me?num occidere me velis?
Would you love me?amas me?
Would you like me?visne me?
Would you hate me?visne me odisse?
Would you like to join us tonight?vis ad nos venire nocte?
Would you please carry this for me?Placet hoc mihi ferre?
Would you like to come tomorrow?cras vis venire?
Would you run with me?vis currere mecum?
Would he pay for the lunch?hoc enim prandium reddere?
Would that be a good idea?Utinam utilem?
Would you make dinner?cenam vis facere?
would you come with me?mecum vis venire?
would you come here?huc venisti?
would you come tomorrow?cras vis venire?
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Daily use Latin Sentences

English to Latin - here you learn top sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Latin meanings with transliteration.

Good morningBonum mane
What is your namequod nomen tibi est
What is your problem?quid est tuum problema?
I hate youOdi te
I love youte amo
Can I help you?te adiuvare possum?
I am sorrydoleo
I want to sleepVolo dormire
This is very importantHoc magni momenti est valde
Are you hungry?esurisne?
How is your life?quid est enim vita tua?
I am going to studyego sum iens studere

Top 1000 Latin words

English to Latin - here you learn top 1000 words, that is separated into sections to learn easily (Simple words, Easy words, Medium words, Hard Words, Advanced Words). These words are very important in daily life conversations, basic level words are very helpful for beginners. All words have Latin meanings with transliteration.

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