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Multi-language translation - Words start with C

Here is a collection of words starting with C and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word start with C with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words start with C

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English to Multi-language translation - Words start with C

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word start with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Cab Cabal Cabaret
Cabbage Cabbing Cabin
Cabinet Cable Cablegram
Cabletelevision Cabman Cabriolet
Cachalot Cache Cachet
Cachinnate Cackle Cackler
Cacography Cacophony Cactus
Cad Cadaver Caddie
Cadence Cadet Cadge
Cadger Cadi Cadre
Caesar Cafe Caffeine
Caftan Cage Cain
Cajole Cajolement Cajoler
Cajolery Cajolingly Cake
Cakewalk Calamitous Calamity
Calando Calcify Calcine
Calcium Calculable Calculate
Calculation Calculative Calculator
Calculus Calendar Calends
Calf Caliban Caliber
Calibrate Calico Caliper
Caliph Calisthenics Calix
Calk Call Caller
Calligraphy Calling Callous
Callus Calm Calmness
Caloric Calorie Calumniate
Calumnious Calumny Calvary
Calve Calx Calypso
Calyx Cam Cambric
Camcorder Came Camel
Cameleer Camelopard Camelry
Camera Cameraman Camouflage
Camp Campaign Campanology
Camper Camphor Campus
Can Canal Canalize
Canard Canary Cancel
Cancellation Cancer Cancrine
Cancroid Candelabra Candescent
Candid Candidate Candidature
Candidly Candle Candour
Candy Cane Canine
Canister Canker Cankerous
Cannabis Cannery Cannibal
Cannikin Cannon Cannonade
Cannot Cannula Canny
Canoe Canon Canoodle
Canophilist Canopy Canorous
Cant Cantab Canteen
Canter Canto Cantonment
Canty Canvas Canvasser
Canyon Cap Capability
Capable Capacious Capacity
Caparison Cape Capillary
Capital Capitalism Capitation
Capitol Capitulate Capon
Caprice Capricious Capricorn
Caprine Capsicum Capstan
Capsule Captain Caption
Captious Captivate Captive
Captivity Captor Capture
Car Carafe Caramel
Carat Caravan Carbide
Carbine Carbohydrate Carbolic
Carbomb Carbon Carborundum
Carboy Carbuncle Carburettor
Card Cardamom Cardboard
Cardiac Cardinal Cardiology
Carditis Care Careen
Careful Caret Caretaker
Cargo Caricature Caries
Carmine Carnage Carnal
Carnival Carnivore Carnivorous
Carol Carousal Carp
Carpark Carpenter Carpet
Carpus Carriage Carrier
Carriole Carrion Carrot
Carry Cart Cartage
Cartel Cartesian Cartilage
Carton Cartoon Cartridge
Carve Cascade Case
Casein Cash Cashew
Cashew nut Cashier Cashmere
Casino Cask Casket
Cassata Cassava Casserole
Cassette Cassock Cast
Castaway Caste Castellan
Castigate Castle Castor
Castrate Casual Casually
Cat Catabolism Cataclysm
Catacomb Catalepsy Catalogue
Catalyst Catamaran Catapult
Catarrh Catch Catchable
Catcher Catchment Catchpenny
Catechism Categorical Category
Catenary Cater Cateract
Caterer Caterpillar Caterwaul
Cathead Catherine Cathode
Catholic Cattle Caucus
Caught Cauliflower Caulk
Causal Cause Causerie
Caustic Cautery Caution
Cavalcade Cavalier Cavalry
Cave Caveat Cavern
Caviare Cavil Cavity
Caw Cay Cease
Cede Celebrate Celebrity
Cell Cellular Cement
Censor Census Central
Centum Century Cerebrum
Ceremony Certain Certificate
Cess Cession Chafe
Chaff Chain Chair
Challenge Chamber Chance
Chaplet Chapter Character
Charge Charity Charm
Chart Chase Chat
Cheap Cheat Check
Cheek Cheer Cheese
Chemistry Cheque Chest
Chew Chicken Chide
Children Chill Chime
Chimney Chin Chip
Chit Chloroform Choice
Choke Choler Cholera
Choose Chord Chromosome
Chunk Churl Churn
Cigar Cincture Cinema
Cinnamon Circle Circuit
Circumference Circus Cite
Citizen Civic Civil
Claim Clamp Clan
Clap Clarify Clash
Class Classic Classification
Claw Clay Clean
Clear Cleavage Clerk
Click Client Climate
Climax Climb Clime
Clinic Clip Cloak
Clock Clod Clone
Close Clot Cloth
Cloud Club Cluck
Clue Clump Cluster
Clutch Coach Coal
Coast Coat Cocaine
Cock Cocksure Coconut
Code Coffee Cog
Cognition Coherent Coign
Coil Coin Coir
Cold Cole Collapse
Collar Collect College
Collide Colony Color
Colt Column Coma
Comb Combination Combustion
Come Comedy Comfort
Comic Command Commence
Commend Comment Commerce
Commission Commitment Common
Communication Compact Company
Compare Compartment Compassion
Compeer Compel Competition
Complaint Complete Complex
Component Compound Comprehension
Compress Compulsory Computer
Concede Concentrate Concept
Concern Concert Conch
Concise Conclave Conclusion
Concord Concrete Concur
Condemn Condensation Condition
Condole Condom Condone
Conduct Conduit Cone
Confection Conference Confident
Confine Confirm Conflict
Confluence Conformation Confusion
Congest Congestion Congratulation
Congress Conic Coniferous
Conjunction Connate Connect
Connection Connote Conquest
Conscious Consecutive Conservation
Conserve Consider Consistent
Consolation Conspicuous Constable
Constant Constitution Constrain
Construction Consultant Consumer
Contact Contain Container
Contend Content Contest
Contestant Context Continent
Continue Contour Contract
Contrast Contribution Control
Convection Convene Convention
Convert Conviction Convoy
Cony Cook Cool
Cooperation Copious Copper
Copse Copy Copyright
Coral Corb Cord
Cordon Core Coriander
Cork Corn Corner
Cornet Corona Corporate
Corporation Correct Correspond
Corridor Corrosion Corruption
Cosmetic Cosmic Cosmos
Cost Costume Cot
Cote Cottage Cottar
Cotton Couch Cough
Council Counter Country
County Coup Couple
Coupon Courage Courier
Course Court Cousin
Cover Covert Covey
Cow Coy Crab
Crack Cradle Craft
Crag Cram Cramp
Crane Cranium Crank
Crap Crass Crate
Crawl Crazy Cream
Crease Create Credit
Creed Creek Creep
Crescent Crest Crew
Crib Cricket Crime
Criminal Crisp Critical
Crock Crocodile Crook
Cross Crossing Crouch
Crow Crowd Crown
Crude Cruel Crumb
Crumple Cruse Crush
Cry Crypt Crystal
Cub Cube Cuckoo
Cucumber Cue Cuisine
Cull Cullion Culm
Culprit Cultivation Cultural
Cumulation Cunning Cup
Cupid Curb Curch
Cure Curiosity Curious
Curl Currency Current
Curriculum Curry Curse
Curtail Curve Cushion
Custard Custom Customer
Cut Cute Cyanide
Cycle Cyclone Cylinder