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Multi-language translation - Words start with F

Here is a collection of words starting with F and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word start with F with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words start with F

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English to Multi-language translation - Words start with F

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word start with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Fawn Fox Frog
Feather Factory Floor
Fort Foundation Fountain
Flour Family Fantasy
Film Funny Famine
Flood Fog Frost
Frock Faster File
Fixed Function Fabrics
Fashion Designing Fake Friday
Forwards Fever Fertilize
Fossil Father Fiance
Fiancee Father in law Friend
Fat Flavour Food
Fruit Fry Fig
Founder Fraud Fish
Freezer Febrile Felon
Fracture Face mask Family doctor
Fan Floss Foam
Fryer Face Fingers
Fist Foot Forehead
Fire Firm Finance
Formal Fork Forest
Farmland Facts Finish
Forgot Formality Forward
Future Flint February
Famous Feature Fiction
Films Foreign Farmer
Fireman Fisherman Florist
Felinology Fetology Formicology
Fulminology Futurology Fern
Fertilizer Filament Flora
Flower Foliage Faction
Federation Fund Fee
Faith Faithless Fetish
Fiend Fornication Friar
Friends Flask Form
Flowers Ferry Freeway
Fenugreek Leaf Fahrenheit Forecast
Frostbite Forever Forbid
Fight Fragile Fast
Fine Faulty Fascinating
Final Fair Fun
Fresh Ferocious Few
First Full Female
Fare Fate Fete
Faun Fax Faze
Feat Feet Feint
Faint Fends Fens
Find Fined Flea
Flee Flew Flu
Flyer Flier Foaled
Fold Fool Fore
Four Forte Foul
Fowl Fur Fir
Further Farther Forth
Fourth Fail Fall out
Find out Free Friendly
Futile Fabulous Fame
Fancy Fantastic Favorite
Fearless Feasible Flow
Focus Freedom Fear
Feeble Filthy Fiber
Finalist Fairness Fallout
Farewell Feedback Football
Footwear Fall Feed
Feel Fill Fit
Fix Fly Follow
Force Forget Forgive
Frame Freeze Fact
Failure Finding Fishing
Flight Fortune Friendship
Funeral Faithful Fierce
Foolish Frail Frantic
Frightened Fairly Famously
Foolishly Fully Far
From Finally For example
Fewer Five Fourteen
Fifteen Forty Forty one
Forty two Forty three Forty four
Forty five Forty six Forty seven
Forty eight Forty nine Fifty
Fifty one Fifty two Fifty three
Fifty four Fifty five Fifty six
Fifty seven Fifty eight Fifty nine
Farm Fault Field
Fleet Float Fluid
Front Facade Favour
Fluency Facility Festival
Flexible Friction Fertility
Financial Fabrication Fabian
Fable Fabric Facet
Facetious Facevalue Facial
Facile Facilitate Facsimile
Factious Factor Factorial
Factorize Factotum Factual
Faculty Fad Faddist
Fade Faecal Faeces
Fag Fagend Faggot
Faience Failing Fain
Fairy Faithfulness Fakir
Falchion Falcon Fallacious
Fallacy Fallibility Fallible
Fallow Falsehood Falsely
Falseness Falsification Falsify
Falsity Falter Familiar
Famish Fanatic Fanatical
Fanciful Fanfare Fang
Fangle Fantail Faraway
Farce Farfetched Farmhouse
Farming Farmyard Faroff
Farrier Farthest Fascinate
Fascination Fascism Fashion
Fashionable Fasten Fastidious
Fatal Fatality Fatally
Fateful Fathead Fatherhood
Fatherland Fatherless Fatherly
Fathom Fathomless Fatigue
Fatten Fatty Fatuous
Faucet Fauna Fauxpas
Fay Fealty Feast
Fecund Federal Feeling
Feign Felicitation Felicity
Fell Fellowship Felony
Felt Fence Fend
Ferment Fervour Fetch
Fettle Fiasco Fiat
Fibre Fiddle Fiery
Fifth Figment Figure
Filch Filicide Filings
Filly Filter Filtrate
Finality Financee Finch
Finger Fingerprint Finite
Fire engine Fishery Fission
Fitting Fixture Fizzle
Flabbily Flag Flair
Flake Flame Flap
Flare Flash Flat
Flatus Flaw Flax
Flay Flesh Flip
Flirt Flit Floe
Flop Flue Fluke
Fluorescent Flush Flute
Flux Foal Fodder
Foe Foil Folk
Format Formation Formula
Found Fraction Frank
Freelance Frequent Fringe
Froth Fructose Fuel
Fulfill Fume Fundamental
Fungus Funk Funnel
Furnace Furnish Fuse
Fusion Fuzzy flurries
Fleas Flies Food security
Framework Functionality Fields