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Multi-language translation - Words start with O

Here is a collection of words starting with O and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word start with O with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words start with O

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English to Multi-language translation - Words start with O

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word start with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Otter Ox Ostrich
Owl Office Orphanage
Oat Overcast Overcoat
Orange Operate Original
Output Opposite Obesity
Ozone Oleander Oil
Onion Offline Online
Organized Opening Ovulation
Ointment Oven Opener
Ocean Optimize Organization
Opinion October Obtaining
Offensive Oilman Operator
Optician Oceanology Oenology
Omnology Oncology Oneirology
Ontology Oology Ophthalmology
Organology Ornithology Orology
Orthopterology Osteology Otolaryngology
Otology Otorhinolaryngology Opal
Orbit Ovary Obeisance
Objector Oligarchy Opposition
Oath Obedience Officiate
Omen Omnipotent Oracular
Oratory Ordination Orthodoxy
Over Overhead Oppose
Opponent Occupation Occult
Occur Odd Old
One Open Outside
Often Our Oar
Ore Observe Opportunity
Order Objectionable Odious
Oppressive Overcharge Overcome
Overflow Overlap Overload
Overlook Overpower Overrate
Overrule Onward Otherwise
Outcome Outgoing Outstanding
Overall Obtain Offer
Organize Ought Overtake
Owe Own Obligation
Operation Owner Obedient
Obnoxious Only Ordinary
Officially Openly Ours
Others Ourselves On
Onto Out Once
Or Oops Other
One hundred One Thousand One Hundred Thousand
One Million One Billion One Trillion
Organ Object Option
Organic Ornament Observation
Oaf Oafish Oak
Oaken Oasis Obduracy
Obdurate Obese Obey
Obiterdictum Obituary Objection
Objective Objurgate Objurgation
Oblation Obligant Oblige
Obliging Oblique Obliquity
Obliterate Oblivion Oblong
Oboe Obscene Obscure
Obscurity Obsequies Observable
Observant Observer Obsess
Obsession Obsidian Obsolete
Obstacle Obstetrician Obstinacy
Obstinate Obstruct Obstruction
Obtainable Obtrude Obtuse
Obverse Obviate Obvious
Occasion Occasional Occident
Occipital Occiput Occultation
Occupancy Occupant Occupy
Occurrence Oceanaut Oceanic
Oceanography Ochlocracy Ochre
Octad Octagon Octant
Octave Octogenarian Octopus
Octroi Ocular Oculist
Oddity Oddly Ode
Odeum Odium Odorous
Odour Odourless Of
Off Offal Offence
Offend Offender Offering
Offhand Officer Official
Officialdom Officious Offing
Offset Offshoot Offshore
Offspring Ogle Ogre
Ohm Olden Olefine
Oleograph Oleometer Olfactory
Olive Olympiad Olympic
Olympus Omega Omelet
Ominous Omission Omit
Omnibus Omnifarious Omnipresent
Omniscient Omnivorous Oncoming
Oncost Oneness Onerous
Onerousness Oneself One-sided
Onfall Ongoing Onomatopoeia
Onrush Onset Onus
Onyx Ooidal Oolite
Ooze Oozy Opacity
Opaque Open book Opera
Operand Operative Opiate
Opine Opium Opossum
Opportune Opportunism Oppress
Oppression Opprobrium Oppugn
Oppugnant Opt Optative
Optic Optics Optimal
Optimism Optimist Optimum
Optional Optometer Optophone
Opulent Opus Oracle
Oral Oration Orator
Orb Orchard Orchitis
Ordain Ordeal Orderly
Ordinal Ordinarily Ordure
Organisation Organist Orgasm
Orgy Oriel Orient
Orientation Orifice Origin
Originate Origination Oriole
Orion Ornate Orphan
Orthodox Orthopedic Oscillate
Oscillation Osculate Osier
Osmium Osmosis Osprey
Ossify Ostensible Osteopath
Osteopathy Ostler Ostracism
Ostracize Otiose Otoscope
Ottoman Ounce Ourself
Oust Ouster Out lander
Outbid Outbound Outbreak
Outburst Outcast Outcaste
Outdoor Outer Outfit
Outflow Outgrow Outhouse
Outing Outlet Outline
Outlook Outstrip Outward
Outwit Oval Ovation
Overhaul Overleaf Overleap
Overnight Override Overseas
Oversight Overstate Overstay
Overt Overthrow Overtime
Overture Overwhelm Ovule
Owing Owlet Ownership
Oxidate Oxide Oxygen
Oyes Oyster Onam
Operations Organic farming Onwards
Operating system On vacation Only just