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Multi-language translation - Words start with P

Here is a collection of words starting with P and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word start with P with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words start with P

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English to Multi-language translation - Words start with P

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word start with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Panther Pig Pony
Porcupine Puppy Parrot
Partridge Peacock Peahen
Pigeon Palace Peg
Plaster Platform Plinth
Paddy Painting People
Picture Plenty Plot
Producer Project Psychological
Polar Pocket Pullover
Pyjama Purple Pink
Pages Permanent Permission
Popular Process Processing
Program Palmistry Petroleum
Pharmacy Philosophy Photography
Physiology Physiotherapy Psychology
Payment Property Public
Pain Pimple Parch
Pollution Pond Promontory
Prospector Protection Parent
Peacock Flower Periwinkle Peeler
Pepper Pinch Preheat
Prepare Pomegranate Pear
Pineapple Papaya Plum
Pearl Protect Publisher
Purpose Pea Packaging
Policy Price Product
Purchase Palpate Panting
Paralyse Patient Pervert
Protein Probe Pregnancy
Poultice Pathology Pneumonia
Prescription Pen Plums
Perfume Pitcher Printer
Palm Paw Panic
Private Place Promotion
Pan Pestle Plate
Pot Park Person
Plead Police Prosecutor
Punishment Planning Production
Present Plastic Clay Pace
Paper Particular Politics
Post Publication Publish
Painter Peon Perfumer
Pharmacist Photographer Physician
Pilot Plumber Poet
Policeman Politician Postman
Potter Priest Proprietor
Pacific Ocean Puddle Paleoanthropology
Paleobiology Paleoclimatology Paleoecology
Palynology Parasitology Pedology
Petrology Pharmacology Phonology
Phycology Phytopathology Pomology
Posology Primatology Parish
Promenade Planet Palmate
Peduncle Perennial Petal
Petiole Phloem Photosynthesis
Pinnate Pistil Pith
Plumule Pollen Pollinate
Prickle Pact Parliament
Patrician Population Preside
Prison Proletarian Promulgate
Proponent Provoke Percentage
Persistent Potential Previous
Profit Pantheon Papal
Papist Patriarch Patriarchate
Penance Pilgrimage Pontiff
Porch Prayer Preach
Preacher Primate Priory
Profane Prophesy Proselytize
Providence Psyche Pulpit
Poultry Pencil Pin
Paint Palette Protractor
Punch Physics Political Science
Passenger Port Potato
Pumpkin Peppermint Plantain
Precipitation Pisces Prior
Persist Prevent Premature
Powerful Perturbed Pleasing
Prosperous Prosper Perturb
Produce Parents Past
Pretty Polite Poor
Phase Padded Patted
Paean Paeon Pail
Pale Pane Pair
Pare Perish Peace
Piece Peal Peel
Plain Plane Pore
Pour Practice Practise
Praise Prays Pray
Prey Principal Principle
Prophet Poison Provide
Positive Pleased Preserve
Permit Perhaps Participation
Passion Patience Peaceful
Perfect Perfection Personality
Play Please Pleasure
Plucky Precision Prepared
Preservation Priceless Pride
Privacy Productive Progress
Prompt Proud Punctual
Pure Petty Poisonous
Pompous Predefine Prefix
Prehistory Prepay Prepossess
Prevail Preview Proactive
Proceed Proclaim Profess
Profound Prolong Painful
Publicity Protector Progression
Passport Password Pack
Participate Pass Pattern
Pause Pay Perform
Persuade Pick Pitch
Plan Plant Pop
Possess Pound Prefer
Press Pretend Print
Promise Propose Prove
Pull Pursue Push
Put Penalty Perception
Performance Perspective Phone
Photo Piano Pie
Pizza Player Poem
Poetry Possession Possibility
Power Preference Preparation
Presence Presentation President
Priority Problem Procedure
Profession Professor Proposal
Panicky Pleasant Poised
Precious Prickly Putrid
Puzzled Painfully Patiently
Perfectly Physically Playfully
Poorly Positively Powerfully
Promptly Properly Punctually
Pending Per Plus
Provide that Provided Path
Pickle Picnic Prince
Proper Package Partial
Passage Penguin Pension
Pottery Poverty Particle
Position Possible Postpone
Pregnant Pressure Prohibit
Partition Political Practical
Privilege Prominent Provoking
Passionate Prostitute Participant
Purification Pa Pabulum
Pachyderm Pacifiable Pacific
Pacification Pacificatory Pacificism
Pacificist Pacify Packer
Packet Packthread Pad
Padding Paddle Paddock
Padlock Pagan Paganish
Paganism Paganize Page
Pageant Pageantry Pager
Paginate Pagination Pagoda
Paid Painless Painstaking
Paisa Pakistani Pal
Palaeography Palanquin Palatable
Palate Palatial Palaver
Palely Paleness Palfrey
Palimpset Palisade Pall
Pallbearer Pallet Palliate
Palliation Palliative Pallium
Pallor Palmist Palmy
Palmyra Palpability Palpable
Palpably Palpitate Palpitation
Palsy Palter Paltry
Pampass Pamper Pampered
Pamphlet Panacea Panama
Pancake Panchayat Pancreas
Pandal Pandemic Pandemonium
Pander Panderess Pandiculation
Pandit Pandora Panegyric
Panel Pang Pangolin
Pangram Pannier Panophobia
Panorama Panoramic Pant
Pantaloon Pantomime Pantry
Pants Pap Papa
Papacy Papiermacha Papillion
Papyrus Par Parable
Parabola Parachute Parade
Paradigm Paradise Paradox
Paradoxical Paraffin Paragon
Paragraph Parallel Parallelepiped
Parallelogram Paralysis Paralytic
Paramedical Parameter Paramilitary
Paramount Paramountcy Paramour
Parapet Paraphernalia Paraphrase
Parasite Parasitic Parasol
Paratrooper Parboil Parcel
Parcenary Parcener Parchment
Pard Pardon Pardonable
Paregoric Parentage Parental
Parishioner Parity Parlance
Parley Parliamentarian Parliamentary
Parlour Parlous Parochial
Parody Parole Parotid
Parquetry Parricide Parry
Parse Parsec Parsee
Parsimonious Parsimony Parsnip
Parson Parsonage Part
Part time Partake Partiality
Partially Partible Participial
Participle Particularization Particularize
Particularly Parting Partisan
Partitive Partly Partner
Partnership Parturiate Party
Parvalue Parvenu Pascal
Pasha Passable Passbook
Passibility Passible Passimeter
Passing Passive Passively
Passivity Passkey Paste
Pastern Pasteurization Pastille
Pastime Pastmaster Pastor
Pastoral Pastry Pasturage
Pasture Pat Patch
Patchwork Patchy Pate
Patent Patentee Patently
Pater Paternal Paternally
Pathan Pathetic Pathos
Patricide Patrimonial Patrimony
Patriot Patriotic Patrol
Patron Patronage Patroness
Patronize Patter Patulous
Paucity Paunch Pauper
Pauperism Pauperization Pauperize
Pavage Pave Pavement
Pavilion Pawl Pawn
Pawnee Pawner Pawnshop
Pax Payable Payee
Payer Paying Peak
Peart Peasant Pebble
Peck Pectoral Peculiar
Pecuniary Peddle Pedicure
Peek Peep Peer
Pelf Pelican Pellet
Pelt Penal Pendent
Pendulum Penetration Peninsula
Penis Penology Pentagon
Penurious Pep Percussion
Perfusion Peril Period
Perk Perpendicular Personal
Perspire Pertinent Pet
Peter Petition Petrol
Phantom Phenol Phenomenon
Philology Phobia Photograph
Phrase Physical Pigment
Piles Pill Pillar
Pillow Pinion Pioneer
Pipe Pique Pirate
Piss Pistol Piston
Pit Pivot Plaint
Plank Plastic Plateau
Playground Plea Pleader
Pledge Plough Plug
Plume Plural Ply
Poignant Point Pole
Poll Pool Popcorn
Pork Portable Portion
Post office Poster Posture
Pother Pouch Powder
Pox Prank Preamble
Precedent Preface Premier
Prestige Prim Primary
Prime Prism Prize
Profile Pronounce Propagation
Prose Proverb Pug
Pulp Pulse Pump
Punctuation Pundit Puny
Pupil Purge Purl
Puzzle Pyramid Python
Pongal Praying Mantids Prawn
Pine Polyalthia Pesticide
Plow Precision farming Proportion
Planting Pest control Performance art