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Multi-language translation - Words start with M

Here is a collection of words starting with M and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word start with M with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words start with M

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English to Multi-language translation - Words start with M

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word start with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Mare Mongoose Monkey
Mosquito Mouse Mule
Macaw Magpie Mynah
Mosque Maize Millet
Maida Making Military
Motion Movie Music
Mystery Mediterranean Mist
Monsoon Mudslide Muffler
Magenta Measure Memory
Management Science Mass Communication Multimedia
Money Monday Morning
Mad Measles Meadow
Meander Misty Mossy
Mound Mountain Mud
Mulch Mother Mother-in-law
Mistress Madan mogra Marigold
Maulsari Murraya Myrtle
Mash Meat Melt
Mix Mixed Mango
Melon Mulberry Manage
Mission Mitigation Manager
Market Medical Mental
Mite Mutate Maternity
Medicine Microscope Mortuary
Mugs Medicines Mail
Magnets Mop Makeup
Moustache Mouth Muscles
Merchandise Monthly Marketing
Museum Marinate Masher
Mixer Mug Management
Mediation Mentor Mass
Measurement Metre Mile
Minute Month Mandatory
Meeting Member Marble
Mercury Mica March
May Moment Magazine
Material Media Modify
Magician Mason Mechanic
Merchant Messenger Midwife
Milkmaid Milkman Minister
Model Musician Mammalogy
Meteorology Methodology Metrology
Microbiology Mineralogy Molinology
Museology Musicology Mycology
Myology Myrmecology Mythology
Medal Mars Moon
Meristem Midrib Monocot
Moss Mandate Mutuality
Mortgage Majesty Malefactor
Marvel Miracle Monastic
Mortify Mourner Mundane
Muslim Meal Map
Master Mathematics Millennium
Meridian Motorcycle Mushroom
Mustard greens Mint Meteorologist
Mild Magic Militant
Mean Mistrust Modest
Meaningful Magnify Maneuver
Manipulate Maximum Meager
Mediocre Mend Migrant
Minor Mirth Mischievous
Misfortune Mishap Mistake
Mobile Moveable Moderate
Momentous Monotonous Moral
Morbid Morose Mourn
Mysterious Magnificent Marvelous
Mistaken Modern Marry
Many Male Made
Maid Main Mane
Meet Meddle Missed
Moan Mown Moat
Mote Mode Mowed
Morn Mucous Mucus
Muscle Mussel Morale
Moreover Maybe Maturity
Meaning Meditation Mellow
More Motivation Malicious
Messy Missing Misunderstood
Moldy Moody Midday
Midland Midnight Midway
Misaligned Misguide Misinform
Mislead Misplace Misrule
Misspelt Misunderstand Misuse
Maintenance Maintainability Mankind
Milestone Myself Maintain
Make Manufacturing Mark
Match Matter Mention
Mind Miss Move
Must Mall Manufacturer
Marriage Math Membership
Menu Message Method
Mixture Mom Mood
Motionless Muddy Mushy
Madly Mechanically Mostly
Mysteriously Me Mine
Most Minus Much
My Man Milk
Metal Mount Mammal
Manual Middle Mineral
Minimum Missile Mustard
Majority Misbehave Moderation
Manufacture Mensuration Maintainable
Maam Macabre Macadam
Macadamization Macaroni Mace
Macerate Maceration Machiavellian
Machinate Machination Machine
Machinery Machinist Mackerel
Mackintosh Macrocosm Macroscopic
Maculate Madam Madcap
Madden Mademoiselle Madness
Madonna Madrasah Maestro
Magdalene Maggot Magical
Magically Magiclantern Maginotline
Magisterial Magistrate Magnacarta
Magnanimity Magnanimous Magnate
Magnesium Magnet Magnetic
Magnetism Magneto Magnification
Magnificence Magnitude Mahabharata
Maharajah Mahatma Mahayana
Mahogany Mahometan Mahout
Maidan Maiden Maim
Mainland Mainly Mainspring
Mainstay Maiolika Majestic
Majolika Major Maker
Makeshift Maladjustment Maladministration
Maladroit Malady Malafide
Malaise Malaria Malediction
Malefic Malefice Malevolence
Malevolent Malfeasance Malformation
Mali Malice Malign
Malignancy Malignant Malignity
Malinger Malleability Malleable
Mallee Mallet Malmsey
Malnutrition Malpractice Malt
Malthusian Maltose Maltreat
Malversation Mamma Mammalia
Mammon Mammoth Mammy
Manacle Manatee Mandamus
Mandible Mandrel Mandrill
Manful Manganese Manger
Mangle Manhandle Manhole
Manhood Mania Maniac
Manic Manifest Manifestation
Manifestly Manifesto Manifold
Manikin Manlike Manliness
Manly Manna Manner
Mannerism Mannerly Manoeuvre
Manometer Manor Manservant
Mansion Mantel Mantis
Mantle Manufactory Manure
Manuscript Manysided Maple
Mar Marabout Maraud
Marcel Marchioness Margarine
Margin Marginal Marginated
Margosa Marijuana Marine
Marionette Marital Maritime
Marked Marketable Marksman
Marl Marlinspike Marmoset
Maroon Marquee Marquis
Marriageable Marrow Marsh
Marshal Marshy Marsupial
Mart Martain Martial
Martin Martinet Martyr
Martyrdom Marvellous Marxism
Mascot Masculine Masjid
Mask Masonry Masquerade
Massacre Massage Masseur
Massive Massively Mast
Masterful Masterkey Masterly
Mastermind Masterpiece Mastery
Masticate Mastiff Mastoid
Mat Matchless Matchlock
Mate Materialism Materialist
Materialization Materially Maternal
Mathematical Matinee Matrices
Matricide Matriculate Matriculation
Matrimony Matrix Matron
Mattock Mattress Mature
Matutinal Maul Maund
Mausoleum Mauve Maw
Maxim Maximize Mayor
Mayoralty Maze Mead
Median Medium Meed
Meek Megrim Melange
Melody Memorial Menses
Mercy Mere Merge
Merit Mesh Mess
Metabolism Meter Mettle
Meuse Mice Mien
Might Milage Mileage
Mill Million Minatory
Mining Minority Mirror
Misery Mock Modem
Modulation Moil Moisture
Mole Molecule Molten
Momentum Monitor Monotony
Moot Mope Moppet
Morality Mordant Morgue
Morrow Motel Motor
Muffin Mulct Mull
Multiform Multiple Multiplication
Mummy Munch Murder
Muse Musk Mute
Mutton Mutual Myth
Mouth Organ Maha Shivratri Mahavir Janma Kalyanak
Makar Sankranti Moatsü festival Montreux Jazz Festival
Moths Materials Modernism