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Multi-language translation - Words start with T

Here is a collection of words starting with T and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word start with T with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words start with T

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English to Multi-language translation - Words start with T

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word start with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Tab Tabard Tabby
Tabefaction Tabernacle Tabla
Table Tableau Tablecloth
Tabledhote Tableland Tablespoon
Tablet Tabloid Taboo
Tabouret Tabular Tabulate
Tabulation Tabulator Tachometer
Tachygraphy Tacit Tackle
Tag Tail Tailor
Taint Take Tale
Talent Talk Tall
Tamil Tamper Tang
Tangent Tank Tantamount
Tap Tape Target
Tart Task Taste
Tattoo Taurus Tax
Taxi Tea Teach
Teacher Teak Teal
Team Tear Technical
Technology Tedium Teenage
Teeth Telecommunication Telegram
Telephone Television Tell
Telugu Temper Temperature
Temple Tempo Temporary
Tempt Ten Tenacity
Tenant Tend Tendency
Tender Tenet Tennis
Tense Tension Tent
Tenth Tenure Term
Terminal Ternary Terrence
Terrible Territory Terrorist
Terse Tertiary Test
Text Texture Than
Thank That The
Theater Theft Their
Them Then Theorem
Theory Therapy There
Thermal Thermometer These
Thews They Thick
Thief Thin Thing
Think Third Thirst
Thirteen Thirty This
Tho Thorax Thorn
Thought Thousand Thrall
Thrash Thread Threat
Three Thrill Throat
Throne Throttle Thrown
Thug Thumb Thunder
Thunderstorm Thursday Thyroid
Ticket Tide Tier
Tiger Tight Tilt
Timber Time Timer
Timorous Tine Tiny
Tip Tipsy Tiptop
Tire Tired Tissue
Titanic Tittle To
Toad Toast Toby
Today Toddy Toe
Together Toil Toilet
Token Tolerance Toll
Tollgate Tomato Tomb
Tome Tommy Tomorrow
Ton Tone Tongue
Tonic Tonight Tonne
Tonsor Too Tool
Tooth Top Tope
Topic Topical Topography
Topple Torch Torchlight
Torpid Torque Torrefy
Torrent Torsion Tort
Tortoise Torture Toss
Tot Total Toto
Touch Tough Tour
Tourism Tourist Tournament
Tow Toward Towel
Tower Town Toxic
Toxin Trace Track
Tractor Trade Tradition
Traffic Tragedy Trail
Trailer Train Training
Trammel Tramp Trance
Transaction Transfer Transformation
Transformer Transition Translation
Transmit Transparent Transportation
Transverse Trash Travail
Travel Tray Treasure
Treat Treatment Tree
Tremble Trend Trial
Triangle Tribe Tribunal
Tribute Trick Tried
Trig Trigger Trill
Trillion Trim Trip
Triple Tripod Trite
Trivial Troll Tropic
Troth Trouble Trove
Troy Truculent Trump
Trumpet Trunk Trust
Truth Try Tub
Tube Tuesday Tug
Tuition Tulsi Tumbler
Tummy Tune Tunnel
Turbine Turbulent Turf
Turkey Turn Turtle
Tussle Tutor Twelfth
Twelve Twenty Twice
Twig Twinge Twins
Twirl Twitter Two
Type Typhoon Typical
Typist Tyrant Tyre