Have sentences in Kannada

‘Have’ sentences in Kannada with English pronunciation. Here you learn English to Kannada translation of ‘Have’ sentences and also play quiz in Kannada sentences contains ‘Have’ also play A-Z dictionary quiz. Here you can easily learn daily use common Kannada sentences with the help of pronunciation in English. It helps beginners to learn Kannada language in an easy way. To learn Kannada language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life.

have sentences in Kannada

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'Have' sentences in Kannada and English

The list of ‘Have’ sentences in Kannada language and their pronunciation in English. Here you learn the list of English sentence to Kannada sentence translations.

Have a good Christmasಶುಭ ಕ್ರಿಸ್ಮಸ್ subha krismas
Have a good timeಒಳ್ಳೆಯ ಸಮಯವನ್ನು ಆನಂದಿಸಿ olleya samayavannu anandisi
Have a nice dayದಿನವು ಒಳೆೣಯದಾಗಲಿ dinavu oleೣyadagali
Have a nice timeಒಳ್ಳೆಯ ಸಮಯವನ್ನು ಹೊಂದಿರಿ olleya samayavannu hondiri
Have a nice tripಉತ್ತಮ ಪ್ರವಾಸವನ್ನು ಹೊಂದಿರಿ uttama pravasavannu hondiri
Have a nice vacationಶುಭ ರಜೆಗಳು subha rajegalu
Have funಆನಂದಿಸಿ anandisi
Have fun this summer!ಈ ಬೇಸಿಗೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಆನಂದಿಸಿ! i besigeyalli anandisi!
Have you eaten?ನೀವು ತಿಂದಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu tindiddira?
Have you ever cheated on an exam?ನೀವು ಎಂದಾದರೂ ಪರೀಕ್ಷೆಯಲ್ಲಿ ಮೋಸ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu endadaru parikseyalli mosa madiddira?

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Have you ever seen a whale?ನೀವು ಎಂದಾದರೂ ತಿಮಿಂಗಿಲವನ್ನು ನೋಡಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu endadaru timingilavannu nodiddira?
Have you ever sung in public?ನೀವು ಎಂದಾದರೂ ಸಾರ್ವಜನಿಕವಾಗಿ ಹಾಡಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu endadaru sarvajanikavagi hadiddira?
Have you finished dressing?ನೀವು ಡ್ರೆಸ್ಸಿಂಗ್ ಮುಗಿಸಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu dres’sing mugisiddira?
Have you finished?ನೀವು ಮುಗಿಸಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu mugisiddira?
Have you heard from him?ನೀವು ಅವನಿಂದ ಕೇಳಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu avaninda keliddira?
Have you met?ನೀವು ಭೇಟಿಯಾಗಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu bhetiyagiddira?
Have you read this article?ನೀವು ಈ ಲೇಖನವನ್ನು ಓದಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nivu i lekhanavannu odiddira?
Have you received an answer to your letter?ನಿಮ್ಮ ಪತ್ರಕ್ಕೆ ನೀವು ಉತ್ತರವನ್ನು ಸ್ವೀಕರಿಸಿದ್ದೀರಾ? nim’ma patrakke nivu uttaravannu svikarisiddira?
Have you told anyone about the surprise party?ಆಶ್ಚರ್ಯಕರ ಪಾರ್ಟಿಯ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ನೀವು ಯಾರಿಗಾದರೂ ಹೇಳಿದ್ದೀರಾ? ascaryakara partiya bagge nivu yarigadaru heliddira?
Have you told anyone about this problem?ಈ ಸಮಸ್ಯೆಯ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ನೀವು ಯಾರಿಗಾದರೂ ಹೇಳಿದ್ದೀರಾ? i samasyeya bagge nivu yarigadaru heliddira?
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