Management vocabulary words in Chinese and English

To learn Chinese language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common Chinese words that we can used in daily life. Management are one part of common words used in day-to-day life conversations. If you are interested to learn Management vocabulary words in Chinese, this place will help you to learn all Management vocabulary words in English to Chinese language. Management vocabulary words are used in daily life, so it is important to learn all Management vocabulary words in English to Chinese and play Chinese quiz and also play picture vocabulary, play some games so you get not bored. If you think too hard to learn Chinese language, then 1000 most common Chinese words will helps to learn Chinese language easily, they contain 2-letter words to 13-letter words. The below table gives the translation of Management vocabulary words in Chinese.

Management vocabulary words in Chinese and English

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List of Management vocabulary words in Chinese

Here is the list of Management in Chinese language and their pronunciation in English.

Management vocabulary words - Chinese

Activity 活动 huodong
Adjust 调整 tiaozheng
Aggression 侵略 qinlüe
Allocation 分配 fenpei
Anticipation 预期 yuqi
Appointment 约定 yueding
Arbitration 仲裁 zhongcai
Authority 权威 quanwei
Balance 平衡 pingheng
Bargaining 讨价还价 taojiahuanjia
Board 木板 muban
Budget 预算 yusuan
Business 商业 shangye
Business plan 商业计划 shangye jihua
Claiming 声称 shengcheng
Collaboration 合作 hezuo
Communication 沟通 goutong
Company 公司 gongsi
Conciliation 调解 tiaojie
Cooperation 合作 hezuo
Costs 费用 feiyong
Director 导向器 daoxiang qi
Efficiency 效率 xiaolǜ
Enterprise 企业 qiye
Executives 高管 gao guan
Finance 金融 jinrong
Industry 行业 hangye
Information 信息 xinxi
Issue 问题 wenti
Leader 领导者 lingdao zhe
Leadership 领导 lingdao
Lose 失去 shiqu
Management 管理 guanli
Manager 经理 jingli
Mediation 调解 tiaojie
Mentor 导师 daoshi
Optimize 优化 youhua
Organization 组织 zuzhi
Planning 规划 guihua
Process 过程 guocheng
Product 产品 chanpin
Production 生产 shengchan
Project 项目 xiangmu
Responsibility 责任 zeren
Service 服务 fuwu
Skills 技能 jineng
Supervisor 导师 daoshi
Trainee 实习生 shixi sheng
Win 赢 ying
Word 单词 danci

Top 1000 Chinese words

Here you learn top 1000 Chinese words, that is separated into sections to learn easily (Simple words, Easy words, Medium words, Hard Words, Advanced Words). These words are very important in daily life conversations, basic level words are very helpful for beginners. All words have Chinese meanings with transliteration.

Eat 吃 chi
All 全部 quan bu
New 新的 xin de
Snore 鼾 han
Fast 快速地 kuai su de
Help 帮助 bang zhu
Pain 痛 tong
Rain 雨 yu
Pride 自豪 zi hao
Sense 感觉 gan jue
Large 大 da
Skill 技能 ji neng
Panic 恐慌 kong huang
Thank 谢谢 xie xie
Desire 欲望 yu wang
Woman 女士 nu shi
Hungry 饥饿的 ji e de

Daily use Chinese Sentences

Here you learn top Chinese sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Chinese meanings with transliteration.

Good morning 早上好 Zaoshang hao
What is your name 你叫什么名字 Ni jiao shenme mingzi
What is your problem 你有什么问题? Ni you she me wenti?
I hate you 我恨你 Wo hen ni
I love you 我爱你 Wo ai ni
Can I help you 我可以帮你吗? Wo keyi bang ni ma?
I am sorry 对不起 duibuqi
I want to sleep 我要睡觉 wo yao shuijiao
This is very important 这个非常重要 Zhege feichang zhòngyao
Are you hungry 你饿了吗? Ni ele ma?
How is your life 你过得怎么样? Niguo de zenme yang?
I am going to study 我要去学习 wo yao qu xuexi
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