Insurance vocabulary in Chinese

To learn Chinese language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Insurance vocabulary is one part of vocabulary words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Insurance related vocabulary words in Chinese, this place will help you to learn Insurance vocabulary words in Chinese language with their pronunciation in English. Insurance vocabulary is used in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all Insurance words in Chinese and English, also play Insurance vocabulary Quiz and Picture vocabulary that makes you more interesting. The below table gives the translation of Insurance vocabulary in Chinese.

Insurance vocabulary in Chinese

List of insurance vocabulary words in Chinese

Here is the list of Insurance vocabulary words in Chinese language and their pronunciation in English.


Accident事故 shigu
Actuary精算师 jingsuan shi
Agent代理人 daili ren
Application应用 yingyong
Assessor评估员 pinggu yuan
Broker经纪人 jingji ren
Building建造 jianzao
Calculation计算 jisuan
Claim宣称 xuancheng
Client客户 kehu
Commission委员会 weiyuanhui
Company公司 gongsi
Compensation赔偿 peichang
Complete完全的 wanquan de
Comprehension理解 lijie
Consequence结果 jieguo
Customer顾客 guke
Damage损害 sunhai
Death死亡 siwang
Disaster灾难 zainan
Earned赚了 zhuanle
Earning收入 shouru
Employees雇员 guyuan
Fire火 huo
Firm公司 gongsi
Hospital医院 yiyuan
House屋 wu
Inclusive包括的 baokuo de
Injury受伤 shoushang
Insurance保险 baoxian
Employer雇主 guzhu
Liability责任 zeren
Loss损失 sunshi
Merchandise商品 shangpin
Money钱 qian
Monthly每月 mei yue
Panic恐慌 konghuang
Payment支付 zhifu
Policy政策 zhengce
Private私人的 siren de
Process过程 guocheng
Product产品 chanpin
Property财产 caichan
Protection保护 baohu
Public上市 shangshi
Responsibility责任 zeren
Result结果 jieguo
Risk风险 fengxian
Sell卖 mai
Shop店铺 dianpu
Thinking思维 siwei
Transit过境 guojing
Transport运输 yunshu
Value价值 jiazhi
Vehicle车辆 cheliang
Workers工人 gongren
Worth值得 zhide
Yearly每年 meinian

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