Restaurant vocabulary in Chinese

To learn Chinese language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Restaurant vocabulary is one part of vocabulary words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Restaurant related vocabulary words in Chinese, this place will help you to learn Restaurant vocabulary words in Chinese language with their pronunciation in English. Restaurant vocabulary is used in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all Restaurant words in Chinese and English, also play Restaurant vocabulary Quiz and Picture vocabulary that makes you more interesting. The below table gives the translation of Restaurant vocabulary in Chinese.

Restaurant vocabulary in Chinese

List of restaurant vocabulary words in Chinese

Here is the list of Restaurant vocabulary words in Chinese language and their pronunciation in English.


Bowl碗 wan
Canteen食堂 shitang
Chicken鸡 ji
Cooking烹饪 peng ren
Cuisine美食 meishi
Customer顾客 guke
Dessert甜点 tiandian
Diet饮食 yinshi
Dinner晚餐 wancan
Dish盘子 panzi
Dishes菜肴 caiyao
Dried晒干 shai gan
Drinks饮料 yinliao
Eat吃 chi
Eating吃 chi
Expensive昂贵的 anggui de
Family家庭 jiating
Food食物 shiwu
Friends朋友们 pengyoumen
Health健康 jiankang
Home家 jia
Lunch午餐 wucan
Meal一顿饭 yi dun fan
Meat肉 rou
Nuts坚果 jianguo
People人们 renmen
Poultry家禽 jiaqin
Restaurant餐厅 canting
Savoury咸味的 xian wei de
Serve服务 fuwu
Shock震惊 zhenjing
Special特别的 tebie de
Spicy辛辣的 xinla de
Study学习 xuexi
Sweet甜的 tian de
Table桌子 zhuozi
Travelling旅行 luxing
Vegetarian素食主义者 sushi zhuyi zhe
Waiter服务员 fuwuyuan
Work工作 gongzuo

Restaurant vocabulary in other languages:

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