Insurance vocabulary in Japanese

To learn Japanese language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Insurance vocabulary is one part of vocabulary words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Insurance related vocabulary words in Japanese, this place will help you to learn Insurance vocabulary words in Japanese language with their pronunciation in English. Insurance vocabulary is used in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all Insurance words in Japanese and English, also play Insurance vocabulary Quiz and Picture vocabulary that makes you more interesting. The below table gives the translation of Insurance vocabulary in Japanese.

Insurance vocabulary in Japanese

List of insurance vocabulary words in Japanese

Here is the list of Insurance vocabulary words in Japanese language and their pronunciation in English.


Accident事件 shi jian
Actuaryアクチュアリー akuchuari
Agentエージェント ejento
Application応用 ying yong
Assessor評価者 ping si zhe
Brokerブローカ buroka
Building建物 jian wu
Calculation計算 ji suan
Claim請求 qing qiu
Clientクライアント kuraianto
Commission手数料 shou shu liao
Company会社 hui she
Compensation補償 bu chang
Complete完了 wan le
Comprehension理解 li jie
Consequence結果 jie guo
Customerお客様 o ke yang
Damageダメージ dameji
Death死 si
Disaster災害 zai hai
Earned稼いだ jiaida
Earning収入を得る shou ruwo deru
Employees従業員 cong ye yuan
Fire火 huo
Firm固い gui
Hospital病院 bing yuan
House家 jia
Inclusive包括的 bao kuo de
Injury怪我 guai wo
Insurance保険 bao xian
Employer雇用者 gu yong zhe
Liability責任 ze ren
Loss損失 sun shi
Merchandise商品 shang pin
Moneyお金 o jin
Monthly毎月 mei yue
Panicパニック panikku
Payment支払い zhi fani
Policyポリシー porishi
Privateプライベート puraibeto
Process処理する chu lisuru
Product製品 zhi pin
Property財産 cai chan
Protection保護 bao hu
Public公衆 gong zhong
Responsibility責任 ze ren
Result結果 jie guo
Risk危険 wei xian
Sell売る mairu
Shop店 dian
Thinking考え kaoe
Transitトランジット toranjitto
Transport輸送 shu song
Value価値 si zhi
Vehicle車両 che liang
Workers労働者 lao dong zhe
Worth価値 si zhi
Yearly毎年 mei nian

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