Time vocabulary words in Japanese and English

To learn Japanese language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common Japanese words that we can used in daily life. Time are one part of common words used in day-to-day life conversations. If you are interested to learn Time vocabulary words in Japanese, this place will help you to learn all Time vocabulary words in English to Japanese language. Time vocabulary words are used in daily life, so it is important to learn all Time vocabulary words in English to Japanese and play Japanese quiz and also play picture vocabulary, play some games so you get not bored. If you think too hard to learn Japanese language, then 1000 most common Japanese words will helps to learn Japanese language easily, they contain 2-letter words to 13-letter words. The below table gives the translation of Time vocabulary words in Japanese.

Time vocabulary words in Japanese and English

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List of Time vocabulary words in Japanese

Here is the list of Time in Japanese language and their pronunciation in English.

Time vocabulary words - Japanese

Second 秒 Byo
Minute 分 Bun
Hour 時間 Jikan
Day 日 Hi
Week 週間 Shukan
Month 月 Tsuki
Year 年 Toshi
Morning 朝 Asa
Afternoon 午後 Gogo
Evening イブニング Ibuningu
Night 夜 Yoru
Before 前 Mae
After 後 Ato
Quarter 四半期 Shihanki
Half year 半年 Hantoshi
Annual 年次 Nenji
Decade 十年 Tonen
Century 世紀 Seiki
Millennium 千年 Chitose
Clock 時計 shi ji
Delay 遅れ chire
Everyday 毎日 mei ri
Today 今日 jin ri
Tomorrow 明日 ming ri
Late 遅い chii
Anytime どんなときも don'natokimo
Span スパン supan
Age 年 nian
Tide 潮 chao
Meridian 子午線 zi wu xian
Moment 一瞬 yi shun
Later 後で houde
Afterwards その後 sono hou
Every time 毎回 mei hui

Top 1000 Japanese words

Here you learn top 1000 Japanese words, that is separated into sections to learn easily (Simple words, Easy words, Medium words, Hard Words, Advanced Words). These words are very important in daily life conversations, basic level words are very helpful for beginners. All words have Japanese meanings with transliteration.

Eat 食べる shiberu
All 全て quante
New 新着 xin zhe
Snore いびき ibiki
Fast 速い sui
Help ヘルプ herupu
Pain 痛み tongmi
Rain 雨 yu
Pride 誇り kuari
Sense 検出 jian chu
Large 大きい dakii
Skill スキル sukiru
Panic パニック panikku
Thank 感謝 gan xie
Desire 欲望 yu wang
Woman 女性 nu xing
Hungry お腹がすいた o fugasuita

Daily use Japanese Sentences

Here you learn top Japanese sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Japanese meanings with transliteration.

Good morning おはようございます Ohayogozaimasu
What is your name お名前は何ですか Onamaehanandesuka
What is your problem あなたの問題は何ですか? anatano wen tiha hedesuka?
I hate you わたしは、あなたが大嫌いです Watashi wa, anata ga daikiraidesu
I love you わたしは、あなたを愛しています Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu
Can I help you いかがなさいましたか? ikaganasaimashitaka?
I am sorry ごめんなさい gomen'nasai
I want to sleep 寝たい qintai
This is very important これは非常に重要です Kore wa hijo ni juyodesu
Are you hungry お腹Hあすきましたか? o fuHasukimashitaka?
How is your life あなたの人生はどうですか? anatano ren shenghadoudesuka?
I am going to study 私は勉強するつもりです siha mian qiangsurutsumoridesu
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