Real Estate vocabulary in Japanese

To learn Japanese language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Real Estate vocabulary is one part of vocabulary words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Real Estate related vocabulary words in Japanese, this place will help you to learn Real Estate vocabulary words in Japanese language with their pronunciation in English. Real Estate vocabulary is used in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all Real Estate words in Japanese and English, also play Real Estate vocabulary Quiz and Picture vocabulary that makes you more interesting. The below table gives the translation of Real Estate vocabulary in Japanese.

Real Estate vocabulary in Japanese

List of real estate vocabulary words in Japanese

Here is the list of Real Estate vocabulary words in Japanese language and their pronunciation in English.

Real Estate

Accept受け入れる shouke rureru
Adjustable調整可能 diao zheng ke neng
Agentエージェント ejento
Amount額 e
Assess評価 ping si
Asset資産 zi chan
Assurance保証 bao zheng
Borrowed借りた jierita
Buyersバイヤー baiya
Careful気をつけろ qiwotsukero
Cash現金 xian jin
Diligence勤勉 qin mian
Dream夢 meng
Effort努力 nu li
Fee手数料 shou shu liao
Fund基金 ji jin
House家 jia
Insurance保険 bao xian
Interest興味 xing wei
Lender貸し手 daishi shou
Loanローン ron
Market市場 shi chang
Monthly毎月 mei yue
Mortgageモーゲージ mogeji
Need必要 bi yao
Payment支払い zhi fani
People人 ren
Percentageパーセンテージ pasenteji
Persistent持続的 chi xu de
Potential潜在的な qian zai dena
Previous前 qian
Privateプライベート puraibeto
Profit利益 li yi
Purchase購入 gou ru
Rateレート reto
Reject拒絶 ju jue
Reservesリザーブ rizabu
Save保存する bao cunsuru
Seller売り手 mairi shou
Tenure在職期間 zai zhi qi jian
Years年 nian

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