Thank sentences in Dutch

‘Thank’ sentences in Dutch with English pronunciation. Here you learn English to Dutch translation of ‘Thank’ sentences and also play quiz in Dutch sentences contains ‘Thank’ also play A-Z dictionary quiz. Here you can easily learn daily use common Dutch sentences with the help of pronunciation in English. It helps beginners to learn Dutch language in an easy way. To learn Dutch language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life.

thank sentences in Dutch

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'Thank' sentences in Dutch and English

The list of ‘Thank’ sentences in Dutch language and their pronunciation in English. Here you learn the list of English sentence to Dutch sentence translations.

Thank youbedankt
Thank you for your invitationbedankt voor je uitnodiging
Thank you for your letterDankje voor je brief
Thank you so much for inviting meheel erg bedankt dat je me hebt uitgenodigd
Thank you so muchHeel erg bedankt
Thank You very muchhartelijk bedankt
Thanks a lothartelijk bedankt
Thanks for your helpbedankt voor je hulp
Thanks a million!hartstikke bedankt!
Thank you for coming to meet mebedankt dat je me wilt ontmoeten
Thank you for comingbedankt voor je komst
Thank you for inviting meBedankt voor de uitnodiging
Thank you for inviting usbedankt voor de uitnodiging
Thank you for the advicebedankt voor het advies
Thank you for the informationbedankt voor de informatie

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Thanks for bringing me herebedankt dat je me hier hebt gebracht
Thanks for coming over tonightbedankt voor je komst vanavond
Thanks for your explanationBedankt voor je uitleg
Thanks for the complimentbedankt voor het compliment
Thanks for the informationbedankt voor de informatie
Thanks for your understandingbedankt voor uw begrip
Thanks for acceptingbedankt voor het accepteren
Thanks to youdankzij jou
Thanks to allbedankt allemaal
Thanks to goddankzij god
Thanks againnogmaals bedankt
Thanks to my familydankzij mijn familie
Thanks to meet youbedankt om je te ontmoeten
Thanks in advancebij voorbaat bedankt
Thank you for supporting mebedankt dat je me steunt
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Daily use Dutch Sentences

English to Dutch - here you learn top sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Dutch meanings with transliteration.

Good morningGoedemorgen
What is your nameWat is jouw naam
What is your problem?wat is je probleem?
I hate youik haat je
I love youik hou van jou
Can I help you?kan ik u helpen?
I am sorryhet spijt me
I want to sleepik wil slapen
This is very importantDit is erg belangrijk
Are you hungry?heb je honger?
How is your life?Hoe gaat het?
I am going to studyik ga studeren

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English to Dutch - here you learn top 1000 words, that is separated into sections to learn easily (Simple words, Easy words, Medium words, Hard Words, Advanced Words). These words are very important in daily life conversations, basic level words are very helpful for beginners. All words have Dutch meanings with transliteration.

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