Greetings in Hausa and English

To learn Hausa language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Greetings are one part of common words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Greetings in Hausa, this place will help you to learn Greetings in Hausa language. Greetings is a greatest power of communication in the world, and is a part of everyday conversation, so it is very important to learn all Greetings in English and Hausa. The below table gives the translation of Greetings in Hausa.

Greetings in Hausa

Greetings in Hausa / gaisuwa

Here is the list of Greetings in Hausa language.

Greetings – gaisuwa




Barka dai


Barka dai


Barka da zuwa




Barka da warhaka

Good morning

Barka da safiya

Good afternoon

Barka da yamma

Good evening

Barka da yamma

Good night

Ina kwana

Happy birthday

Barka da ranar haihuwa

Happy Christmas

Barka da Kirsimeti

Happy new year

Barka da sabon shekara

Happy valentine’s day

Barka da ranar masoya

Thank you

na gode

Thank you so much

na gode sosai

Thank you very much

Na gode sosai

Thanks a million

Godiya ga miliyan

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I love you

Ina son ku

I love you so much

ina son ka sosai

I love you very much

Ina son ku sosai

I’m in love

Ina soyayya

I’m in love with you

Ina soyayya da ku

I missed you so much

Na yi kewarku sosai

I’m crazy about you

Ina hauka game da ku

Thanks for everything

Godiya ga komai

I really appreciate it

Ina matukar yabawa

What is your name

Menene sunanka

How are you

Yaya kake

I am fine

ina lafiya

See you

Zan gan ki

See you later

Sai anjima

See you next week

Mu hadu a mako mai zuwa

See you next year

Mu hadu a shekara mai zuwa

See you soon

Sai anjima

See you tomorrow

Sai gobe

I’m sorry

na tuba

I’m so sorry

na tuba

I’m crazy with you

Ina hauka tare da ku

Nice to meet you

Na ji dadin haduwa da ku

That’s a good deal

Wannan kyakkyawar yarjejeniya ce

You’re beautiful

Kina da kyau

You’re nice

Kuna da kyau

You’re very nice

Kuna da kirki sosai

You’re very smart

Kuna da hankali sosai

Take care


I miss you

Ina kewar ka

I really miss you

Lallai nayi kewan ku

I really miss you so much

Gaskiya nayi matukar kewarku

Very good

Yayi kyau

Well done

Sannu da aikatawa

Sweet dreams

Dadi mai dadi

Good idea

Kyakkyawan ra’ayi

Good luck


Good to see you

Kyakkyawan ganin ku

Good bye

Lafiya lau

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