Greetings in Romanian and English

To learn Romanian language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Greetings are one part of common words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Greetings in Romanian, this place will help you to learn Greetings in Romanian language. Greetings is a greatest power of communication in the world, and is a part of everyday conversation, so it is very important to learn all Greetings in English and Romanian. The below table gives the translation of Greetings in Romanian.

Greetings in Romanian

Greetings in Romanian / Salutari

Here is the list of Greetings in Romanian language.

Greetings – Salutari




Buna ziua


Buna ziua


Bine ati venit





Good morning

Buna dimineata

Good afternoon

Buna ziua

Good evening

Bună seara

Good night

Noapte bună

Happy birthday

La multi ani

Happy Christmas

Craciun fericit

Happy new year

An Nou Fericit

Happy valentine’s day

Ziua Indragostitilor fericita

Thank you


Thank you so much

Mulțumesc mult

Thank you very much

Mulțumesc foarte mult

Thanks a million

Multumesc de un milion de ori

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I love you

te iubesc

I love you so much

Te iubesc atat de mult

I love you very much

Te iubesc foarte mult

I’m in love

Sunt îndrăgostit

I’m in love with you

Sunt îndrăgostit de tine

I missed you so much

mi-ai lipsit atat de mult

I’m crazy about you

Sunt innebunit dupa tine

Thanks for everything

Multumesc pentru tot

I really appreciate it

chiar apreciez

What is your name

Cum te numești

How are you

Ce mai faci

I am fine

sunt bine

See you

Te văd

See you later

Ne vedem mai tarziu

See you next week

Ne vedem săptămâna viitoare

See you next year

Ne vedem anul viitor

See you soon

Ne vedem în curând

See you tomorrow

Ne vedem mâine

I’m sorry

Îmi pare rău

I’m so sorry

Îmi pare atât de rău

I’m crazy with you

sunt nebun cu tine

Nice to meet you

Încântat de cunoștință

That’s a good deal

Este o afacere bună

You’re beautiful

ești frumoasă

You’re nice

Esti dragut

You’re very nice

Esti foarte dragut

You’re very smart

Ești foarte deștept

Take care

Ai grijă

I miss you

Mi-e dor de tine

I really miss you

Mi-e foarte dor de tine

I really miss you so much

Mi-e tare dor de tine

Very good

Foarte bine

Well done

Foarte bine

Sweet dreams

Vise plăcute

Good idea

Bună idee

Good luck

Mult noroc

Good to see you

Ma bucur sa te vad

Good bye

La revedere

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