Greetings in Malay and English

To learn Malay language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Greetings are one part of common words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Greetings in Malay, this place will help you to learn Greetings in Malay language. Greetings is a greatest power of communication in the world, and is a part of everyday conversation, so it is very important to learn all Greetings in English and Malay. The below table gives the translation of Greetings in Malay.

Greetings in Malay

Greetings in Malay / salam

Here is the list of Greetings in Malay language.

Greetings – salam








Selamat datang


Terima kasih



Good morning

Selamat Pagi

Good afternoon

Selamat petang

Good evening

Selamat petang

Good night

Selamat Malam

Happy birthday

Selamat Hari lahir

Happy Christmas

Selamat Hari Natal

Happy new year

Selamat tahun Baru

Happy valentine’s day

Selamat Hari kekasih

Thank you

Terima kasih

Thank you so much

Terima kasih banyak-banyak

Thank you very much

Terima kasih banyak – banyak

Thanks a million

Jutaan terima kasih

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I love you

Saya sayang awak

I love you so much

Saya sangat sayangkan awak

I love you very much

Saya sangat sayang awak

I’m in love

saya dilamun cinta

I’m in love with you

saya jatuh cinta dengan awak

I missed you so much

Saya sangat merindui awak

I’m crazy about you

Saya tergila-gila dengan awak

Thanks for everything

Terima kasih untuk segalanya

I really appreciate it

Saya benar-benar menghargainya

What is your name

Siapa nama awak

How are you

Apa khabar

I am fine

Saya baik-baik saja

See you


See you later

Jumpa lagi

See you next week

Jumpa minggu depan

See you next year

Jumpa lagi tahun hadapan

See you soon

Jumpa lagi

See you tomorrow

Jumpa kamu esok

I’m sorry

saya minta maaf

I’m so sorry

saya minta maaf

I’m crazy with you

Saya gila dengan awak

Nice to meet you

Senang berjumpa dengan anda

That’s a good deal

Itu bagus

You’re beautiful

Kamu cantik

You’re nice

Awak baik

You’re very nice

Awak sangat baik

You’re very smart

Anda sangat pintar

Take care

Jaga diri

I miss you

saya rindu awak

I really miss you

Saya sangat merindui awak

I really miss you so much

Saya sangat merindui awak

Very good

Sangat bagus

Well done


Sweet dreams

Mimpi indah

Good idea

Idea yang bagus

Good luck

Semoga berjaya

Good to see you

Gembira dapat berjumpa awak

Good bye

Selamat tinggal

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