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Multi-language translation - Words end with S

Here is a collection of words ending with S and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word end with S with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words end with S

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English to Multi-language translation - Words end with S

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word end with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Ass Hippopotamus Rhinoceros
Dais Actress Cloudiness
Snowflakes Boots Dress
Gloves Jeans Knickers
Laces Sandals Shorts
Socks Stockings Underpants
Access Graphics Pages
Process Virus Business
Computer Applications Electronics Fabrics
Robotics Drugs Forwards
Backwards Afterwards Cross
Arthritis Measles Nimbus
Siblings Mistress Lotus
Hibiscus Red lotus Narcissus
Delicious Seeds Grapes
Cherries Terms Beans
Thanks Congratulations Happy Christmas
Sweet dreams Beverages Cosmetics
Groceries Vegetables Deleterious
Delirious Diabetes Braces
Disabilities Glasses Injuries
Colors Floss Glass
Utensils Atlas Clothes
Containers Headphones Knives
Mugs Medicines Magnets
Plums Rugs Shades
Stamps Sneakers Throws
Timers Tissues Fingers
Muscles Employees Loss
Workers Bonus Candidates
Details Involves Sales
Things Tours Shears
Shelves Skewers Spices
Tongs Hills Facts
Relatives Costs Executives
Skills Inches Mass
Address Apologies Circumstances
Ideas Books Experts
Famous Films News
Politics Reports Sports
Waitress Gems Venus
Mars Uranus Stars
Cactus Grass Moss
Photosynthesis Rachis Rings
Awareness Crisis Success
Assess Buyers Previous
Reserves Years Adulteress
Exegesis Faithless Genesis
Holiness Transgress Trespass
Dishes Drinks Friends
Nuts Scissors Compass
Class Clouds Flowers
Nests Sunglasses Mathematics
Physics Civics Economics
Statistics Bus Cluster Beans
Mustard greens Celsius Degrees
Aries Taurus Sagittarius
Aquarius Pisces Ancients
Always Ambitious Atrocious
Conscientious Virtuous Conscious
Cautious Dangerous Lifeless
Dubious Embarrass Spotless
Impetuous Reckless Autonomous
Mischievous Momentous Monotonous
Mysterious Nervous Continuous
Spontaneous Prosperous Suppress
Surplus Excess Worthless
Courageous Vicious Ferocious
Marvelous Careless Parents
Sometimes Besides Cops
Corps Coughers Coffers
Dents Fends Fens
Hurts Hoes Lays
Mucous Mucus Prays
Rows Yews Enormous
Humorous Hopeless Perhaps
Brightness Curious Fabulous
Fearless Focus Genius
Glamorous Judicious Kiss
Priceless Progress Stupendous
Sweetness Tenacious Venturous
Vigorous Wellness Yes
Anxious Callous Distress
Gross Hideous Horrendous
Insidious Jealous Malicious
Noxious Odious Poisonous
Pompous Suspicious Villainous
Impress Prepossess Profess
Upstairs Effortless Endless
Harmless Seamless Useless
Wireless Fairness Heaviness
Rudeness Sadness Smartness
Smoothness Discuss Does
Express Guess Has
Miss Pass Possess
Press Analysis Basis
Emphasis Series Tennis
Weakness Adventurous Envious
Glorious Gorgeous Hilarious
Joyous Motionless Obnoxious
Precious Victorious Us
This Ours Yours
Others Ourselves Yourselves
Themselves Across Less
Minus Plus Versus
As far as As long as As much as
As soon as Unless Where is
Cheers Goodness No thanks
Oops His Its
Serious Ambiguous Abacus
Abbess Aborigines Abscess
Absoluteness Abstemious Abyss
Acarpous Acephalous Acetous
Achilles Adenoids Adonis
Adventitious Aegis Aerobatics
Aesthetics Afterpains Aggress
Agribusiness Air bus Airs
Alas Albatross Alias
Allies Alms Alumnus
Amanuensis Amass Amends
Amiss Amorous Amorphous
Anabiosis Anadromous Analogous
Animus Annals Anomalous
Anonymous Antithesis Anus
Apparatus Appendicitis Apropos
Aqueous Archimedes Argus
Armless Artless As
Asbestos Asparagus Assiduous
Audacious Auspicious Axis
Bacillus Badness Balkans
Ballistics Barbarous Bareness
Bless Boss Bypass
Calamitous Calculus Calends
Calisthenics Callus Calmness
Calumnious Campus Cankerous
Cannabis Canorous Canvas
Capacious Capricious Captious
Carditis Caries Carnivorous
Carpus Caucus Census
Cess Circus Compress
Congress Coniferous Conspicuous
Copious Cosmos Crass
Darkness Dastardliness Dateless
Dauntless Deafness Dearness
Deathless Debris Eagerness
Earnestness Easiness Eaves
Emboss Emesis Engross
Ephemeris Ethics Eucalyptus
Eyewitness Facetious Factious
Faeces Faithfulness Fallacious
Falseness Fastidious Fatherless
Fathomless Fatuous Fauxpas
Filings Flatus Fungus
Galoshes Gamma rays Ganges
Gas Gastritis Generous
Genus Geophysics Gladness
Gloss Glottis Gneiss
Godless Godliness Goods
Gracious Graminaceous Granivorous
Greatness Gregarious Griminess
Guiltless Gutless Gymnastics
Gyrostatics Habeascorpus Haematemisis
Hairless Halitosis Hapless
Happiness Harass Hardness
Harmfulness Harmonious Harness
Have-nots Hazardous Headquarters
Heinous Herbiferous Hercules
Hesperus Heterogeneous Hiatus
Hidrosis Highness Hiss
Hoariness Homogeneous Hubris
Humus Hustings Hypothalamus
Hypothesis Ibis Illness
Impervious Impressions Ingress
Innings Innocuous Is
Isthmus Italics Jackass
Joss Judas Justness
Kinematics Koumiss Kudos
Laborious Laches Largeness
Largess Laryngitis Lascivious
Lass Laughing gas Lavishness
Lawless Laziness Lees
Lens Lewis Libellous
Litmus Litotes Locus
Loquacious Luminous Luscious
Luxurious Madness Magnanimous
Mandamus Manliness Mantis
Marchioness Marquis Marvellous
Matchless Matrices Mattress
Menses Mess Nakedness
Nameless Nastiness Nathless
Nattiness Naughtiness Nauseous
Nautilus Nebulous Needless
Negress Negus Nemesis
Nephritis Neuritis Nevertheless
Nexus Noiseless Noiseness
Nonplus Nowadays Nucleus
Numerous Oasis Obsequies
Obsess Obvious Octopus
Odorous Odourless Officious
Olympus Ominous Omnibus
Omnifarious Omnivorous Oneness
Onerous Onerousness Onus
Oppress Optics Opus
Orchitis Osmosis Overseas
Oyes Painless Paleness
Pampass Pancreas Panderess
Pants Papyrus Paralysis
Parlous Parsimonious Pathos
Patroness Patulous Penis
Penurious Piles Piss
Quaintness Querulous Quickness
Quietus Rabies Radius
Rancorous Rankness Raucous
Recess Sabulous Sacless
Sacredness Sacrilegious Sagacious
Species Status Stress
Syllabus Synthesis Thews
Timorous Toss Twins
Uberous Ubiquitous Ugliness
Ultravires Uterus Uxorious
Vacuous Valueless Vaporous
Various Vasdeferens Vedas
Veinous Velours Velutinous
Venous Veracious Verdigris
Vertiginous Vexatious Vicarious
Villus Vinous Viscous
Viscus Vitals Vitreous
Vivacious Vivers Viviparous
Vivres Vociferous Voiceless
Voluptuous Voracious Walrus
Was Watch glass Water glass
Watercress Weariness Weather glass
Wheel less Whereas Whiteness
Wholeness Wideness Wilderness
Windlass Windless Winnings
Withers Witless Witness
Wittiness Wives Wolves
Wondrous Woodless Woolshears
Wordless Worldliness Worthiness
Wryness Xenogenesis Xiphias
Xmas Xystus Yaws
Yellows Zeus Zinciferous
Zoophagous Zymosis consonants
flurries greetings habeas corpus
abruptness abuse drugs academic circles
academic skills accept terms acrimonious
acropolis acuteness additional resources
administrative practices adoptive parents adulterous
advantageous adventuress adverse conditions
adverse effects aerodynamics ageless
aimless airbus alertness
algiers allocate resources allow access
aloofness amaryllis ambidextrous
amphibious andes antics
antidiabetic drugs apologetics apotheosis
appalling conditions applied linguistics appropriate conditions
appropriateness aptness archduchess
arduous armaments armed forces
armed services arms arras
arrears arteriosclerosis arts
as follows ashes assorted flavors
astrophysics astuteness asynchronous
at intervals athens atherosclerosis
athletics atlantis aurora borealis
autogenous available resources avaricious
avoirdupois awesomeness awkwardness
Christmas Alderflies Bugs
Cockroaches Crickets Dragonflies
Earwigs Fleas Flies
Grasshoppers Lacewings Moths
Praying Mantids Scorpionflies Snakeflies
Stick insects Stoneflies Termites
Thrips True Bugs Sardines
Seabass Agricultural economics Agrochemicals
Elements Materials Operations
Logistics Institutions Traditions
Customs Values Fields
Seedlings Cash crops Beliefs
Rituals Norms Ceremonies
Symbols Social practices Hobbies
Sunflower seeds Superfluous Superstitious
Supplies Surpass Religious
Onwards Brass Heiress
Naval forces Dextrous Populous
Free press Wickedness Create opportunities
Bogus Drama series Direct consequences