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Multi-language translation - Words end with D

Here is a collection of words ending with D and also you can learn Multi-language translation of a word end with D with the help of pronunciation in English.

Multi-language translation - Words end with D

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English to Multi-language translation - Words end with D

If you want to know the Multi-language translation of a word end with A, you can search that word and learn different language translations with the help of pronunciation in English.

Hind Hound Leopard
Lizard Weaver Bird Courtyard
Shed Threshold Bread
Background Arid Blizzard
Flood Thread Red
Cloud Corrupted Download
Fixed Record Send
Speed Supposed Word
Demand Behind Bald
Blind Mad Grassland
Graveyard Mound Mud
Pond Road Husband
Friend Child Bud
Marigold Quick Weed Food
Liquid Mixed Diamond
Emerald Card Encrypted
Fraud Limited Organized
Stored Very good Refund
Bleed Blood Ward
Wound Bed Beard
Eyelid Forehead Hand
Head Earned Employed
Hired Retired Unemployed
Lid Island Shrubland
Farmland Wetland Woodland
Accused Appointed Defend
Plead Refused Board
Forward Recommend Succeed
Gold Lead White Lead
Experienced Qualified Landlord
Lifeguard Milkmaid Sand
Boulevard World Axilary bud
Bromeliad Hybrid Seed
Stand Weed Whorled
Fund Wield Borrowed
Need Anointed Fiend
God Hallowed Lord
Reverend Shroud Synod
Dried Blackboard Bird
Wind Second Ridged gourd
Snake gourd Ash Gourd Bitter Gourd
Bottle Gourd Gourd Ivy Gourd
Mild Suntanned ADD
ADHD Overhead Afraid
Scared Awkward Forbid
Weird Bold Congested
Stuffed Contented Satisfied
Dead Determined Convinced
Hard Soiled Stupid
End Glad Good
Aid Elevated Hold
Inexperienced Substandard Bigoted
Expand Required Unkind
Mend Morbid Perturbed
Odd Old Sad
Unbiased Yield Backward
Bad Broad Build
Closed Cold Spend
Allowed Aloud Amend
Emend Bawled Bored
Bussed Command Commend
Cord Chord Find
Fined Foaled Fold
Gored Graphed Heard
Herd Hoard Holed
Laid Leased Led
Maid Missed Mowed
Knead Padded Patted
Read Rued Tied
Told Tolled Towed
Toad Trussed Wood
Would Repeated Improved
Convoluted Dad Avid
Pleased Naked Round
Discard Tired Exhausted
Accepted Afford Appreciated
Beyond Centered Collected
Enabled Grand Inspired
Prepared Proud Refined
Renewed Revived Sacred
Solid Surprised Talented
Tickled Understand Valid
Barbed Confused Deformed
Depressed Deprived Greed
Haggard Misunderstood Unwanted
Wicked Disaccord Exceed
Midland Misaligned Mislead
Misunderstand Overload Proceed
Profound Uphold Upward
Backyard Dashboard Downward
Household Inward Mankind
Onward Password Righthanded
Safeguard Underground Wasteland
Weekend Withstand Attend
Avoid Bend Bid
Could Depend Extend
Feed Guard Intend
Kid Land Lend
Load Mind Pound
Pretend Remind Respond
Reward Sound Spread
Ad Boyfriend Childhood
Girlfriend Method Mood
Salad Aboard Amused
Ashamed Bewildered Concerned
Condemned Crowded Defeated
Disgusted Disturbed Elated
Embarrassed Excited Frightened
Gifted Kind Poised
Putrid Puzzled Relieved
Troubled Wild Worried
Ahead Amid Around
And Indeed Instead
Provided One hundred One Thousand
Ten Thousand One Hundred Thousand Crowd
Field Fluid Trend
Tried Ground Shield
Should Hundred Mustard
Related Suspend Affected
Abed Abound Abroad
Abscond Absorbed Absurd
Accelerated Accord Accredited
Accursed Acid Acidulated
Acrid Afield Aground
Alleged Allied Alloyed
Almond Ampersand Android
Aneroid Antacid Antiquated
Apartheid Append Applaud
Apprehend Armed Ascend
Asteroid Astound Award
Babyhood Backhand Ballad
Band Bard Barred
Bastard Baud Bawd
Bead Bind Blend
Bodyguard Bond Bound
Brand Breed Cad
Camelopard Canard Cancroid
Candid Cardboard Cathead
Clod Compound Concord
Contend Correspond Creed
Cupid Custard Dastard
Deathbed Debaucjed Deed
Discord Disregard Distend
Eastward Embed Fad
Fagend Falsehood Farfetched
Farmyard Fathead Fatherhood
Fatherland Fecund Fend
Found Gad Garland
Geld Geometrid Gerund
Gild Gird Gland
Goad Godsend Godspeed
Gonad Good humoured Gourmand
Grandchild Greenwood Grid
Grind Guild Gurnard
Had Haemorrhoid Half-baked
Halfhearted Handmaid Hansard
Haphazard Hardearned Hardheaded
Hardihood Hatred Haunted
Hazard Heated Heed
Helipad Henpecked Herald
Highbred Highland Highroad
Hinterland Homeland Hood
Horrid Humid Hurried
Ibid Iceland Impend
Inland Intrepid Invalid
Jacquard Jaded Jeremiad
Jocund Keyboard Kindred
Lad Ladybird Laggard
Languid Largeheathed Laud
Leasehold Leeward Legend
Letterhead Lewd Limpid
Linseed Livelihood Livid
Loggerhead Loud Lucid
Lurid Mainland Manhood
Manifold Manysided Maraud
Marginated Marked Masjid
Mastermind Mastoid Maund
Mead Meed Narrow minded
Natured Neighbourhood Nerd
Niggard Nod Nomad
Northward Octad Offend
Offhand Olympiad One-sided
Operand Orchard Outbid
Outbound Outward Packthread
Pad Paid Pampered
Parallelepiped Pard Parotid
Period Playground Pyramid
Quad Quadruped Rabid
Rancid Rapid Reed
Regard Remand Rend
Rigid Sanad Scold
Seaweed Self-employed Shard
Skid Squad Standard
Steed Sword Tabard
Tableland Tabloid Tend
Third Thousand Thyroid
Torpid Toward Tripod
Ultrasound Unpaid Upanishad
Upbraid Vagabond Valued
Vanguard Vapid Varied
Veld Vend Venomed
Verecund Versed Vested
Viand Vineyard Viscid
Visiting card Vivid Vizard
Void Wad Waistband
Wand Wanted Warfield
Warlord Warm-blooded Warmhearted
Warped Warranted Washboard
Washstand Watchword Waterbird
Waterlogged Watershed Wayward
Weak hearted Weakkneed Weald
Wearied Weasand Weather bound
Weatherboard Webbed Wed
Wedded Wedgewood Weld
Well directed Well disposed Well founded
Well informed Well ordered Well preserved
Well turned Welladvised Wellappointed
Well-balanced Well-behaved Wellbred
Well-connected Well-defined Well-dressed
Well-earned Well-grounded Wellhead
Well-intentioned Well-mannered Well-paid
Well-read Well-trained Wend
Westward Wezand Wheeled
Whiphand Whirlwind Whitelivered
Wholehearted Wide-eyed Widespread
Widowed Windbound Window blind
Windward Winged Wingfooted
Wingspread Withheld Withhold
Wizard Woad Wold
Womanhood Womankind Wonderland
Wonted Wooded Wooden head
Woodshed Woodyard Wooldyed
Workload Worldlyminded Worldold
Wormwood Worsted Wretched
Wrong headed Wynd Xiphoid
Xyloid Yard Zed
Zend Zeoid Zymoid
abandoned abashed abbreviated
abolished above-mentioned abridged
abrogated abstracted academic world
acceptable standard acclaimed accommodated
accomplished accumulated accustomed
achieved record acquainted acquired
acquitted across-the-board actively involved
adapted added addicted
addled addressed admitted
adopted adopted method adored
adulthood advanced aforementioned
aforesaid afterward aged
aggravated aggregated aggrieved
agitated agonised agonized
agreed air raid airfield
airspeed alarmed all-around
all-round alphabetized amazed
analyzed anguished animated
annexed annoyed anthropoid
aphid applied applied method
approved arachnid armband
armored armoured aroused
arranged arrayed arrested
arrived arrowhead art world
ascribed aspirated assembled
assigned assimilated associated
assorted assumed assured
astonished at hand atrophied
attached attempted attenuated
attested attired augmented
authorized automated averaged
avowed awaited Cod
Squid Tamarind Homestead
Farmstead Surfboard Leave behind
Undamaged Bottle-feed Highly educated
Unprepared Uncharted Minimum period
Easily understood Undisputed Foster child
Neglected Unbend Inhibited
Excluded Simplified Triad