Law vocabulary in Vietnamese

To learn Vietnamese language, common vocabulary and grammar are the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Law vocabulary is one part of vocabulary words used in daily life. If you are interested to learn Law related vocabulary words in Vietnamese, this place will help you to learn Law vocabulary words in Vietnamese language. Law vocabulary is used in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all Law words in Vietnamese and English, also play Law vocabulary Quiz and Picture vocabulary that makes you more interesting. The below table gives the translation of Law vocabulary in Vietnamese.

Law vocabulary in Vietnamese

List of law vocabulary words in Vietnamese

Here is the list of Law vocabulary words in Vietnamese language and their pronunciation in English.


Accusedbị tô cáo
Advisekhuyên nhủ
Agreementhợp đồng
Appointedbổ nhiệm
Argumentlý lẽ
Attorneyluật sư
Briberyhối lộ
Briefngắn gọn
Businesskinh doanh
Casetrường hợp
Claimyêu cầu
Contracthợp đồng
Corruptiontham nhũng
Courttòa án
Criminaltội phạm
Decidequyết định
Defendphòng vệ
Defendantbị cáo
Evidencebằng chứng
Factssự thật
Guiltytội lỗi
Instructionhướng dẫn
Judgephán xét
Lawpháp luật
Lawyerluật sư
Legalhợp pháp
Pleadbiện hộ
Policecảnh sát viên
Prosecutorcông tố viên
Punishmentsự trừng phạt
Refusedbị từ chối
Relativeshọ hàng
Sentencekết án
Statementtuyên bố
Supportủng hộ
Verdictbản án

Law vocabulary in other languages:

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