List of Adverbs in Macedonian and English

To learn Macedonian language common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Here you learn top Adverbs in English with Macedonian translation. If you are interested to learn the most common Adverbs in Macedonian, this place will help you to learn Adverbs in Macedonian language with their pronunciation in English. Adverbs are used in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all words in English and Macedonian.

List of Adverbs in Macedonian and English

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Adverbs in Macedonian

Here is the list of Adverbs in Macedonian language and their pronunciation in English.

Abnormally ненормално
Accidentally случајно
Actually всушност
Adventurously авантуристички
Almost за малку
Always секогаш
Annually годишно
Anxiously вознемирено
Arrogantly арогантно
Beautifully убаво
Bitterly горчливо
Bravely храбро
Briefly накратко
Brightly светло
Calmly смирено
Carefully внимателно
Certainly секако
Cheerfully весело
Clearly јасно
Closely тесно
Colorfully шарено
Commonly најчесто
Correctly правилно
Daily дневно
Deeply длабоко
Dreamily сонливо
Easily лесно
Enormously енормно
Equally подеднакво
Especially особено
Eventually на крајот
Exactly точно
Extremely исклучително
Fairly прилично
Famously славно
Foolishly безумно
Fully полно
Generally генерално
Gracefully грациозно
Happily среќно
Healthily здраво
Helpfully помошно
Highly високо
Honestly искрено
Hopelessly безнадежно
Hourly час
Immediately веднаш
Instantly веднаш
Jealously љубоморно
Joyfully радосно
Kindly љубезно
Knowingly свесно
Knowledgeably со знаење
Lazily мрзеливо
Lovingly со љубов
Madly лудо
Mechanically механички
Monthly месечно
Mostly најмногу
Mysteriously мистериозно
Naturally природно
Nearly близу
Neatly уредно
Nicely убаво
Officially официјално
Openly отворено
Painfully болно
Patiently трпеливо
Perfectly совршено
Physically физички

Top 1000 Macedonian words

Here you learn top 1000 Macedonian words, that is separated into sections to learn easily (Simple words, Easy words, Medium words, Hard Words, Advanced Words). These words are very important in daily life conversations, basic level words are very helpful for beginners. All words have Macedonian meanings with transliteration.

Eat јадете
All сите
New нов
Snore рчи
Fast брзо
Help помош
Pain болка
Rain дожд
Pride гордост
Sense смисла
Large големи
Skill вештина
Panic паника
Thank благодарам
Desire желба
Woman жена
Hungry гладен

Daily use Macedonian Sentences

Here you learn top Macedonian sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Macedonian meanings with transliteration.

Good morning Добро утро
What is your name Како се викаш
What is your problem Кој е твојот проблем?
I hate you те мразам
I love you Те сакам
Can I help you Можам ли да ти помогнам?
I am sorry жал ми е
I want to sleep сакам да спијам
This is very important Ова е многу важно
Are you hungry Дали си гладен?
How is your life Како е вашиот живот?
I am going to study ќе учам
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