Birds names in Norwegian and English

To learn Norwegian language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common Norwegian words that we can used in daily life. Birds are one part of common words used in day-to-day life conversations. If you are interested to learn Birds names in Norwegian, this place will help you to learn all Birds names in English to Norwegian language. Birds vocabulary words are used in daily life, so it is important to learn all Birds names in English to Norwegian and play Norwegian quiz and also play picture vocabulary, play some games so you get not bored. If you think too hard to learn Norwegian language, then 1000 most common Norwegian words will helps to learn Norwegian language easily, they contain 2-letter words to 13-letter words. The below table gives the translation of Birds vocabulary words in Norwegian.

Birds names in Norwegian and English

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List of Birds names in Norwegian

Here is the list of Birds in Norwegian language and their pronunciation in English.

Birds names - Norwegian

Bat flaggermus
Baya Weaver baya vever
Bittern bitter
Chicken kylling
Cockatoo kakadue
Crane kran
Crow kråke
Cuckoo gjøk
Cygnet svaneunge
Dove due
Drake drake
Duck and
Duckling andunge
Eagle Ørn
Feather fjær
Gadwall gadwall
Goose gås
Hawk hauk
Hen høne
Heron hegre
Kingfisher kingfisher
Kite Drage
Lark lerke
Macaw ara
Magpie skjære
Mynah mynah
Nightingale nattergal
Ostrich struts
Owl ugle
Parrot papegøye
Partridge patridge
Peacock påfugl
Peahen peahen
Pigeon Due
Quail vaktel
Raven Ravn
Rook tårn
Skylark takvindu
Sparrow spurv
Swan svane
Vulture gribb
Weaver Bird veverfugl
Woodpecker hakkespett

Top 1000 Norwegian words

Here you learn top 1000 Norwegian words, that is separated into sections to learn easily (Simple words, Easy words, Medium words, Hard Words, Advanced Words). These words are very important in daily life conversations, basic level words are very helpful for beginners. All words have Norwegian meanings with transliteration.

Eat spise
All alle
New ny
Snore snorke
Fast rask
Help hjelp
Pain smerte
Rain regn
Pride stolthet
Sense føle
Large stor
Skill ferdighet
Panic panikk
Thank takke
Desire ønske
Woman kvinne
Hungry sulten

Daily use Norwegian Sentences

Here you learn top Norwegian sentences, these sentences are very important in daily life conversations, and basic-level sentences are very helpful for beginners. All sentences have Norwegian meanings with transliteration.

Good morning God morgen
What is your name Hva heter du
What is your problem hva er problemet ditt?
I hate you Jeg hater deg
I love you Jeg elsker deg
Can I help you kan jeg hjelpe deg?
I am sorry jeg beklager
I want to sleep jeg vil sove
This is very important Dette er veldig viktig
Are you hungry Er du sulten?
How is your life hvordan er livet ditt?
I am going to study jeg skal studere
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