Time vocabulary in Belarusian and English

To learn Belarusian language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common Belarusian words that we can used in daily life. Time are one part of common words used in day-to-day life conversations. If you are interested to learn Time names/vocabulary in Belarusian, this place will help you to learn all Time vocabulary in Belarusian language. Time vocabulary words are used in daily life, so it is important to learn all Time vocabulary in English to Belarusian and play Belarusian quiz and also play picture vocabulary, play some games so you get not bored. If you think too hard to learn Belarusian language, then 1000 most common Belarusian words will helps to learn Belarusian language easily, they contain 2-letter words to 13-letter words. The below table gives the translation of Time in Belarusian.

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Time vocabulary words in Belarusian and English

Here is the list of Time vocabulary words in Belarusian language, this will help to improve your language.

Secondдругі druhi
Minuteхвіліна chvilina
Hourгадзіну hadzinu
Dayдзень dzień
Weekтыдзень tydzień
Monthмесяц miesiac
Yearгод hod
Morningраніца ranica
Afternoonднём dniom
Eveningвечар viečar
Nightноч noč

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Beforeраней raniej
Afterпасля paslia
Quarterквартал kvartal
Half yearпаўгода paŭhoda
Annualгадавы hadavy
Decadeдзесяцігоддзе dziesiacihoddzie
Centuryстагоддзя stahoddzia
Millenniumтысячагоддзя tysiačahoddzia

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Clockгадзіннік hadzinnik
Delayзатрымка zatrymka
Everydayкожны дзень kožny dzień
Todayсёння sionnia
Tomorrowзаўтра zaŭtra
Lateпозна pozna
Anytimeу любы час u liuby čas
Spanпралёт praliot
Ageўзрост ŭzrost
Tideпрыліў pryliŭ
Meridianмерыдыян mierydyjan
Momentмомант momant
Laterпазней pazniej
Afterwardsпотым potym
Every timeкожны раз kožny raz

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