Color names with pictures in English

To learn English language, common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that you can used in daily life conversation. Color vocabulary is one part of common words used in daily life conversation. If you are interested to learn 70 Colors words and images, this place will help you to learn Color with pictures in English language. Colors are used in day-to-day life, so it is very important to learn Colors in English and their images.

Colors Picture vocabulary

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70 Color names with pictures

Here is the list of all Color names in English and their images. The easiest way to learn colors in English.


RedRed Color
BlueBlue Color
GreenGreen Color
OrangeOrange Color
YellowYellow Color
MaroonMaroon Color
VioletViolet Color
PinkPink Color
MagentaMagenta Color
PurplePurple Color
WhiteWhite Color
BlackBlack Color
GrayGray Color
SilverSilver Color
IndigoIndigo Color
LavenderLavender Color
CyanCyan Color
LimeLime Color
BeigeBeige Color
PeachPeach Color
AzureAzure Color
TanTan Color

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AquamarineAquamarine Color
SapphireSapphire Color
RoseRose Color
LemonLemon Color
TealTeal Color
GoldGold Color
BlushBlush Color
TurquoiseTurquoise Color
UltramarineUltramarine Color
RubyRuby Color
IvoryIvory Color
CrimsonCrimson Color
AmaranthAmaranth Color
Cobalt blueCobalt blue Color
Navy blueNavy blue Color
Baby blueBaby blue Color
BronzeBronze Color
AmberAmber Color
AmethystAmethyst Color
ApricotApricot Color
BurgundyBurgundy Color
ByzantiumByzantium Color
CarmineCarmine Color
CeriseCerise Color
CeruleanCerulean Color
ChampagneChampagne Color

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ChocolateChocolate Color
CoffeeCoffee Color
CopperCopper Color
CoralCoral Color
EmeraldEmerald Color
ErinErin Color
JadeJade Color
LilacLilac Color
MauveMauve Color
OchreOchre Color
OliveOlive Color
OrchidOrchid Color
PearPear Color
PeriwinklePeriwinkle Color
PlumPlum Color
PucePuce Color
RaspberryRaspberry Color
SalmonSalmon Color
SangriaSangria Color
ScarletScarlet Color
TaupeTaupe Color
ViridianViridian Color

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