Contraction words in English and Tamil

To learn Tamil language words common vocabulary is one of the important sections. Common Vocabulary contains common words that we can used in daily life. Here you learn top Contraction words in English with Tamil translation. If you are interested to learn important Contraction words in Tamil, this place will help you to learn all Contraction words in Tamil language with their pronunciation in English. Contraction words are used in daily life conversations, so it is very important to learn all words in English and Tamil.

Contraction Words in Tamil

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Contraction words in Tamil

Here is the list of Contraction words in Tamil language with meanings and their pronunciation in English.

Iநான் Nan
Youநீ ni
Heஅவர் avar
Sheஅவள் aval
Himஅவனை avanai
Herஅவளை avalai
Itஅது atu
Weநாங்கள் nankal
Theyஅவர்கள் avarkal
Themஅவர்களை avarkalai
Meஎன்னை ennai
Usஎங்களை engalai
Thatஅந்த anta
Whoயார் yaar
Whatஎன்ன enna
Whereஎங்கே enke
Whenஎப்பொழுது eppolutu
Whyஏன் en
Whichஎந்த entha
Howஎப்படி eppati
Mineஎன்னுடையது enudayathu
Oursநம்முடையது namudayathu
Yoursஉங்களுடையது ungaludayathu

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hehe’s-he is
he’ll-he will
he’d-he would
he’s-he has
he’d-he had
howhow’s-how is
how’ll-how will
how’d-how would
how’s-how has
how’d-how had
II’m-I am
I’ll-I will
I’d-I would
I’ve-I have
I’d-I had
itit’s-it is
it’ll-it will
it’d-it would
it’s-it has
it’d-it had
sheshe’s-she is
she’ll-she will
she’d-she would
she’s-she has
she’d-she had
thatthat’s-that is
that’ll-that will
that’d-that would
that’s-that has
that’d-that had
theythey’re-they are
they’ll-they will
they’d-they would
they’ve-they have
they’d-they had
wewe’re-we are
we’ll-we will
we’d-we would
we’ve-we have
we’d-we had
whatwhat’s-what is
what’re-what are
what’ll-what will
what’d-what would
what’s-what has
what’d-what had
whenwhen’s-when is
when’ll-when will
when’d-when would
when’s-when has
when’d-when had
wherewhere’s-where is
where’ll-where will
where’d-where would
where’s-where has
where’d-where had
whowho’s-who is
who’ll-who will
who’d-who would
who’s-who has
who’d-who had
whywhy’s-why is
why’ll-why will
why’d-why would
why’s-why has
why’d-why had
youyou’re-you are
you’ll-you will
you’d-you would
you’ve-you have
you’d-you had
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